You really CAN make money just giving away the Sherlock…

Here’s another blog post I didn’t have to write thanks to the magic of

You really CAN make money just giving away the Sherlock APP …. this is early days and not that many downloads … while the income below may seem small, consider that all I did to earn it was give the free app away!

Step One: Download the Sherlock APP from the CLB Downline Builder
Step Two: Install the App and Login
Step Three: Shop for products, flights, hotels and great deals (Save money)
Step Four: Share the APP with others (Make Money)
Step Five: Become a Sherlock Representative and add your app to our CLB Downline builder to earn even more!

Even if you decide NOT to join Sherlock, you can earn Gift Cards by giving away the free app that YOU downloaded! You help your sponsor and you earn points for giving the app away to others. Your points can be redeemed for Gift Cards!

From Michael Wiedder, CEO Sherlock Nation

Dear Sherlock affiliates, I want you to know that we at Corporate are committed and passionate about your success. The app and opportunity continues to get better and evolve each month. Within 30 days you will see the ability for our local partners to send out push notifications and special offers when you or your customers are within a distance, say 5 miles, from the business. With Alibaba just setting another 1 day e-commerce record of 18 billion dollars in sales IN 1 DAY, and 70% of those sales happening on mobile phones, you know our timing is exceptional.

Get involved, we’ll help you grow!

Contact List Builder, helping you build your list and make money!

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