Yakamore – when a Tweet just isn’t enough

Yakamore – when a Tweet just isn’t enough

Hello readers!

Were you on our call last week with Jane Mark?  She introduced an amazing new program to the Internet World and I am introducing it to you~

new promotion banner10Yakamore
Business Friendly Social Media Site

Yak Yak Yak .. DO TALK BACK!  Here is a special message from my very good friend, Ms. Jane Mark!



There’s a good reason that everyone is yaking about Yakamore.

You can build a list of trackers (followers) instantly using the magic formula of Yakens
at Yakamore.

Today we are going to give you 200 Trackers when you upgrade to an executive membership
at Yakamore. This is a lifetime membership You pay once and here is what you get.

  • 200 Trackers for fr*ee
  • You pay once and that it is it. No Monthlies
  • That is a list of 200 people instantly
  • You can email that list every 3 days
  • You can post to that list 15 times a day
  • Your posts can be targeted
  • Your emails can be targeted
  • You can post from Yak to Sokule instantly
  • You can post from Sokule to Yak instantly
  • You can auto welcome your trackers
  • You can add to your lists at any time
  • You get 5 yakens for every sign up
  • Exchange those Yakens instantly for trackers
  • You get 3 Free banner ads on your profile Page
  • You Get 3 income building programs
  • You get 40% commission on every sale
  • You Get paid every Friday
  • We advertise your Yak Affiliate link for you
  • You Get an executive seal on on your profile Page
  • Each post you make says you are an executive
  • Each post you make also contains an arrow to your own website and google map
  • Every sign up you get at Sokule or at Yakamore goes right into your Yakamore list. We are building you two lists at one time

You have never seen anything like Yakamore But you need to be an upgraded member to
get all of these benefits.

In celebration of this new launch, we are going to make that dead easy for you.  Join Yakamore today and upgrade to an executive membership but … Do NOT pay in the members area.

This is a Special offered to my subscribers We are giving you 200.00 off the founding
executive membership.

Sign up here http://yakamore.com/janetlegere

THEN .. Use this special paylink and we will upgrade your account manually and add 200 trackers for you fr*ee today http://sokuledeals.com/by/oto3/

This offer ends Wednesday March 21 at midnight est.

Go for it.  You will pay 200.00 more for this executive membership in the members area.

When a Tweet at Twitter simply isn’t enough, there’s Yakamore.

Go get um, Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

If you can’t swing executive, use this special paylink and become an annual Business member
of Yakamore and save 100 bucks off the price in the members area.

See what I mean … take advantage today and Skype me at janetlegere to let me know you are on board!


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