xSky Review

xSky Review

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xSky Software

xSky – the New Skype Connector

There is a new kid on the block and this kid is a grown up already! xSky.

At first, I said … NO!  As an active user of Message Magic, I couldn’t see the value of xSky.  Until one day …

One of my business partners, Gerry approached me about xSky and asked if I’d take a look.  He knows I am an avid Skype user and was interested to see if I saw value in xSky.

I am happy to report that I was more than pleasantly surprised at the system they put together.  In fact, it’s save to say I was overwhelmed and excited.

What is xSky?

xSky is third party software that you download and install on your computer.  The software attaches to your Skype account and allows you access to your Skype contacts so that you can send messages to all your contacts at once.


This is not a license to spam!  I see many members abusing the system and just like email marketing and Social marketing, they just don’t understand the protocols and “rules”.

xSky is designed to allow you to build relationships and find contacts who want to work with you.

I love many aspects of xSky, its ease of use is one and it really is simple to setup and use.  One aspect I really like is the ability to exclude people from your messages.

When you contact your Skype members and ask permission to share information, you will connect with a lot of interested parties who want to work with you.

When you contact your Skype members and simply promote your link, you will make less friends than you want.  Remember, Skype along with all the tools we use to build our business, is designed to help you connect with people from around the world, build relationships and find business partners.

Used responsibly, xSky can become your new best friend.

Tips for using xSky

One of my favourite parts of xSky is the ability to access the people in my groups.  I am active in several groups on Skype and manage a few for my own programs.  I like the ability to send a personal message to each person in the group using xSky.

It’s so easy to use, I was totally surprised!

If you use Skye, I highly recommend getting an xSky account and gain access to billions of Skype users worldwide.

Use it responsibly to build relationships and you will be surprised at the response you receive.  Well worth the $27.00 a month considering the contacts I can create.

Remember, success is all about using the tools provided.  Don’t join if you aren’t going to take the time to learn and use it.

5 Steps to Getting Started With xSky

  1. Login to your Skype account.  Don’t have Skype?  Get your free account here http://www.skype.com
  2. Signup for your xSky account here  http://www.xskysoftware.com/?ref=janetlegere
  3. Login and watch the training videos – you will find them located under Products (I put in a recommendation to create a tab called Training Videos and they are working on it as we speak!)
  4. Download and install the xSky software located on the main page of your members area (only AFTER you watch the training videos)
  5. Start making some new friends, again … ONLY after you watch the training videos
  6. Add ME as a friend to Skype – My ID is janetlegere 🙂  I am excited to connect with you and talk more about building YOUR business

Remember, success is also all about building relationships.  Use this tools responsibly and make friends.


6 Replies to “xSky Review”

  1. Janet, as an avid skype user and having many friends and associates on skype it looks like this is just another good
    social media tool. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Janet, Once again you are a great teacher. I have heard of this product from several people and quite of few I believe are using it but after taking the time to read your site on why someone needs it has been very helpful. Me myself and I should really take my time and take tips from the expert and I see you as an expert. What ever you are using you take your time and study it and come back with what you see and how you see it as a beneficial tool to have as usual I value your opinion. Thanks so much for your site and the information on helping me make a decision on whether I need this or not. To your success Madgie

  3. Thanks for your comment Madgie, I’m so glad to hear my review helped you. These tools are really helpful when used properly. I hope you can make our call tonight 🙂


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