Will you change your thinking 2009?

Will you change your thinking 2009?

As we welcome in the new year, I often wonder what everyone will do differently this year and one of my goals is to focus more on my thinking.

This past year taught me many lessons as each year should … and this year when I reflect back I see how my thinking inhibited some of the growth I expected that did not happen.

We had a tremendously successful year, however it was not the year we intended when 2008 opened its doors.   It was not at all as we intended … or was it?

Upon reflecting, I came to realize that my thoughts dictated exactly where I am today and it’s my thoughts that will dictate where I will be at the end of this year and in years to come.

This year, I am making it my primary goal to focus on my thoughts …. to THINK what I already know to be true … to BELIEVE what I already know to be true and then … to RECEIVE that for which I ask.


This process is uncomplicated and very simple.  It does not require a degree in Rocket Science to master … it requires only that you believe you can master it.

I believe we can learn to manifest our thoughts to attract to us that for which we ask.

The universe always provides and if you take the time to honestly re-evaluate the past 12 months and consider where you are in relation to where you set out to be, you will find that you are where you thought about most.  Whether you achieved all your goals or not, it’s your thoughts that manifested your results.

Consider this Analogy

Do you have more debt?   Chances are your thoughts were focused on getting out of debt … the universe does not understand getting in or getting out, it understands only debt … negative energy attracts negative energy and you attract more debt

You can imagine the analogy above in many forms (I need to pay my bills .. equates to more bills, I need to earn $1,000 will attract ways to earn $1,000)… imagine this analogy for the one goal you did not achieve last year … consider where your thoughts were and what you thought about most.

In this year of 2009, I commit to mastering my thoughts and attracting that which I desire most.

What will you change in 2009?  Will this be the year that you choose to receive what you know to be true?

Please share your “thoughts” in our comments section!  It’s in sharing that we can empower others to take action.

Happy Marketing,

Janet Legere
List Building Expert

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