What’s New and What’s Working?

What’s New and What’s Working?

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I was sitting at my desk this morning thinking … it’s been such a busy couple weeks, there is SO much going on, how can I possibly get all that info out to everyone without overwhelming you.

I decided to do an “update” post and do my best to write an “update” each week.

Included in this update

  • What’s New
  • List67
  • EZ-IM Giveaway
  • PRChitChat
  • What’s Getting Attention
  • Prosperity Marketing System
  • Prosperity Rising
  • GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities
  • For Those Who Need a Little One on One
  • Partnering with TeamBobYeager

What’s New

There are three new resources on the market this week and each has its own benefits.  You will want to get involved in all three of these programs.

1.  List67

Another brain child of Mrayanne Meyers, I believe this to be one of her best.  It’s free to join, however, you want to upgrade for the one time fee of $67.00!  When you upgrade, you receive 676,767 advertising credits that you can use to advertise your Text ads within the system.   My ads are getting seen and clicked.  You can also email the entire membership every week.  For me, that is worth far more than $67.  Membership is growing at about 100 a day and Maryanne’s lists tend to grow well past 6000 very quickly.

You can join List67 for free then login and Upgrade.  Once your account is upgraded, you can setup your Text ads and send your ad to the membership.

Join List67 Here

2.  EZ-IM Giveaway

If you want to build your list quickly, there is no better way than through Giveaway sites.  You’ll need to have a product to giveaway, there are lots of places to get giveaway products.  You can use the Prosperity Rising rebrandable ebook or, if you are a member of MyMoneyFish, you have access to over 3,000 Private Label Rights products, many with rebranding options.  There is a one time fee of $19.97 to upgrade … very affordable for everyone and can be paid using Paypal.   Once upgraded, you can place your Text ad within the system.   My ads are getting hits already.   This can be a huge boost to your list and I can help you get setup with a gift to give away.  EZ-IM Giveaway is set to launch February 5th and will run until February 19th.

Join the EZ-IM Giveaway here

3.  PR Chit Chat

Another great product by the owners of Prosperity Rising, PR Chit Chat is a new Social Network that is sure to call a lot of chatter.  It’s absolutely free to join, there is no cost and you can easily connect with other like minded people.  Remember, Social Networks are all about connecting with people … don’t “sell” your business, share your knowledge instead.  We’ll have full training on using the PR Chit Chat system.  PR Chit Chat is now open to the world.  After you join, come find me and add me as a friend.

Join PR Chit Chat here

What’s Getting Attention

There are three programs that have my attention right now and those three programs are Prosperity Marketing System, Prosperity Rising and GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities.

1.  Prosperity Marketing System

Darren Olander has gone above and beyond in creating the Prosperity Marketing System.  This funded sponsoring system builds YOUR list first then introduces your prospects to a system that is so simple anyone can duplicate it … this means growth for you as you create multiple streams of income.  Prosperity Marketing System offers complete training in a simple to follow format.  All you need to do is login and click on Step one.  You are taken through all the steps to setup your system and then you learn how to get traffic to your system and promote your Prosperity Marketing System link.  You will be able to promote your own Primary Business within the system.  The cost for Prosperity Marketing is a one time fee of $27.00 and it will be the best $27 you ever spend.  I promise you that you will be as impressed as I was with the Prosperity Marketing System.

Take the Prosperity Marketing System Free Tour Here

2.  Prosperity Rising

This link cloaking/tracking program is also one of the best advertising resources available online today.   Prosperity Rising is also a funded proposal and includes the Prosperity Marketing System as one of the Income Builders.  Prosperity Rising is very simple to use and is exceptionally effective even as a free member.   The team at Prosperity Rising includes Keith Carberry, Peter Marshall and JQ Adams.  I recently joined the Prosperity Rising team to help teach and coach their members on using the Prosperity Rising system.  There is a one time offer when you join, you can upgrade to Platinum for $137.00 ONE time fee and a further upgrade to Elite for $67.00.  As an Elite member, you can email 2010 random members every 4 days.  I call this extra GOLD!  Whenever you can email a growing database, it means your letter is seen by new eyes all the time.  And I can tell you this, Prosperity Rising Members are active members.

Join Prosperity Rising here

3.  GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities

When it comes to Opportunities, there is none better.  When it comes to the tools you need to build your online presence, there is none better than GVO.  This 12 year old company is set to take over the Internet for Network Marketers and Business Owners all over the world.  We all know that building your list is critical to success, online or offline.  To build your list, you need the right tools and GVO offers you everything you need in this Internet Marketing friendly company.  GVO is our focus and continues to be in the news.  This week, Joel announced 100% commissions paid in the month of February … every person you refer in February, you will earn $44.95!  And it gets better.  Joel also announced the BMW giveaway where you can qualify in February to win Joel’s Red BMW or $20,000 CASH!  As if that wasn’t enough, Joel also announced that Mr. X is about to reveal himself on February 2nd.  There has never been a better time to be part of such a great company.  GVO is our focus and we will show you how to use all the tools that are part of the GVO system to build your list, attract more buyers and learn to make money online.  GVO is your one stop shop to help you Brand You in 2010.  You can join GVO today for just $1!

Join our GVO team here

For Those Who Need a Little One on One

As you know, Don and I offer personal mentoring for those who need a little more One on One help to get their websites setup and learn to get all the dots connected to build your list online.  We will help you in the areas that you need help with, whether it`s setting up your blog, setting up your email campaigns, creating videos, advertising online and following up with subscribers … just to name a few of the areas we can help.  Our focus is to help you get setup with your own website to build your list, attract active subscribers and build your business.  Whether you are involved in Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, you have a Product or Service or you have a Brick and Mortar business you want to build online, we offer you the strategies you need to build your list of potential prospects.

We currently have openings for 6 new students in the Month of February.  Check out our site and see if our Hands on Mentoring is for you.  We are offering a discount at the moment and the price will be going up in February.  This is your opportunity to get our one on one mentoring at a very discounted price.

Learn more about Hands On Mentoring with Janet & Don Legere

Partnering With TeamBobYeager

Don and I are very excited about our new partnership with Bob Yeager, Keith Dennis, Mike Silva and Clayton Wilson.   When approached to considering partnering, Don and I checked out all the information at TeamBobYeager and realized that their philosophies fit right in with ours.  Through TeamBobYeager, you can gain access to the W.E.S.T. program which is an intense training program offering you training in all areas of business.

You can become part of TeamBobYeager and gain access to the W.E.S.T. program.  Join our GVO team today, sponsor 2 Titanium members and you will receive access to the W.E.S.T. program absolutely free!

Learn more about TeamBobYeager here

I hope you enjoy our new Update format and come back often.  If you aren’t yet subscribed to my list, you’ll want to take a moment to fill out the form at the top of the page.  You’ll receive our free e-Course on Branding You in 2010.

Please leave your comments, I welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.  Be sure to check out our Live Training calls every Saturday at Noon Eastern.  You’ll find all the details above on the LIVE TRAINING link.

Need help?  Have questions?  Just want to connect?  Add me to Skype, my id is janetlegere.

See you soon, have a Great Day,

Janet Legere
Internet Training Expert
Skype me at janetlegere

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    Thanks for the updates, Janet … sure do need ’em! I’m back online after the recent storm knocked me off for a week! Looking forward to seeing everybody tomorrow morning!


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