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If this is your first time to my site, I want to say a special welcome and hope you enjoy the Video.  My focus is helping you learn to market YOU on the Internet.  I teach you how to build your list and build a relationship with that list.  We call it the Know, Like and Trust factor.  Catchy eh?

In today’s video, my daughter Brenda and I talk about branding, what it is, why you need it and how to brand you online.  It’s simpler than you think.

The video loads automatically, so I won’t keep you .. enjoy the show!

I hope you enjoyed the Video and learned some tips about Branding YOU. Brenda and I welcome you on board our GVO team and encourage you to signup today.

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56 Replies to “What is branding”

  1. Wow! The Janet and Brenda Show! You guys are great!

    AND … the information is THE BEST. I’ve been following Janet’s online advice for years and her guidance has made my business what it is today. Additionally, Personal Branding is now the basis of what I do online and it the results a phenominal.

    My Advice: Listen to what is said here … Take ACTION and put it into practice … then ENJOY the results!

    Thanks Janet and Brenda!

  2. I’m guessing that someone is a proud mom, good for you. You both looked like naturals and a little comic relief is great.

  3. Great Video.Thank for the great information on branding.Keep up the good work.

    Thank Brenda and Janet

  4. Excellent tips on how to get going online and brand yourself, instead of being identified as only being a member/distributor/affiliate with company XYZ. Imagine if your company goes kaboom and you failed to brand YOU? It would all have been for nothing. But if you had a recognized name, a list, a following so to speak, you’d hardly be affected.

    Thank you Janet and Brenda

    PS: From a male perspective, very cool. A marketing video with not just one, but two beautiful ladies. Those male marketing gurus all over the net ain’t anywhere near as pleasant to see as you Gals are! So all you ladies out there, as Janet said, don’t be shy!

  5. My sincere thanks
    A You Jannette / Brenda
    I really enjoyed your dedication, I am listening to your video.
    I have a problem, I do not know Português. Please if you can post writing, I understand
    My language is Portuguese. I always use google translation.
    You know me.
    skipe sanconal
    Alcides Conceição dos Santos
    Att: Jannette, I appreciate your attention
    Tell Brenda, I found very Bonita

  6. Dear Janet & Brenda
    I enjoyed you video, Yes I do know how important it is to brand your self as you say “I have to get over it” I find it very scary to make a video or even talk on the phone.
    With regard to GVO I did Pay my $1 and had a look at it some time ago before I knew that you were promoting it, I tryed to take another look from one of your emails but it defaults to the original sponsor, at the time I did nothing more than took the tour and to be honest I dont remember much about it or why I took it no further, It may be because I was a Member of WT Powers autosponder and I thought it would be to much the same,

    I gess I could sign up to GVO for another tour under a different name but I hesitate to do that because I have tryed to Brand my self as “vicbow” using that as a user name where ever possible.
    Best wishes
    Vic Bowden
    PS: Your video is great, It was nice to meet your Daughter, Very Best Wishes

  7. Janet you sent me a great ebook a few years ago, and I loved and learned a lot about branding. Come visit me at facebook or twitter(Makkinart).
    Readers, Janet knows what she’s doing.

  8. Thanks for your video, as
    Together you guys make
    It seem so easy.
    Branding has been my lot
    In life as I have been branding
    myself since I was born. This logo is my
    branding tool since 1988, when I trade-
    marked my jewelry with my registered
    Service Mark. So I have since applied it to
    online services. People tend to associate
    you with something visual, since most
    people are visually oriented. That’s the
    main reason video will be more acceptable
    in our online presence.
    Sorry about the logo – I will have to send separately.
    Thanks – Dean Johnson

  9. Great video! That is quite a gift the two of you have to be able to work together and grow your businesses. Thanks for all that you share with us. Remember point left.. say right! LOL
    Thanks again, Doug Casady

  10. Janet helped me focus and refocus and as you can see branding my website is the way to go. Thanks Janet and Brenda for this relaxed and informative video

  11. Great video, shows how just relaxing and being yourself can make viewers relax and listen. A comfortable connection with people is one people will come back to again and again.

  12. Great video Janet and Brenda you make a good team 🙂 About time you booted that old guy out of your video`s just kidding DON :>) I can`t wait for the next one ..

    Thank You Both,
    Rob Tebo

  13. Great job Janet and Brenda, a very relaxed and natural video. Like Brenda says in the video “we are real people”, which is what people want, they are interested in you. Thanks for being willing to be out there for everyone… be magnificent!

    Kind Regards,
    Paul Holcroft
    Brisbane, Australia

  14. Thank you Janet and Brenda what a great video.
    and yes I do tell people to Google me also.
    Now that I have my new domain name to set up my new blog with.

    Talk to soon

  15. Really a good video on branding as Steve Gaghagen indicated that he sure has learned a lot from you about internet marketing as I am doing.

  16. Wow!

    Great video guys!
    I’m new to marketing online and I look forward to learning more from you.

    You two make a great team. You should continue to do videos together.
    Janet has always done a good job with training,but the interaction between her and Brenda makes it a lot more interesting.

    Thanks Janet and Brenda for that wonderful training video.

  17. I thoroughly enjoyed your video Brenda and Janet!! Sure easy to see you’re related but more like sisters, rather than mother and daughter! 🙂 There’s so much to learn but I know I’m in the Right Classroom, and feel very Lucky and Thankful for that!!!

  18. Ahoy Janet ‘n’ Brenda,

    yer video be great grand fantastic me hearties ‘n’ ye both be so right about branding yourself

    for t’e past 2 years me has been goin’ by t’e name JackSparrow or IMJackSparrow

    ‘n’ me aint doin’ to bad… however, when it comes t’ doin’ a video, me comes a bit stuck

    So… I suppose its about time me set up as the real me…

    proud t’ be part of yer team ‘n’ look forward t’ yer next video… arrr!

    Your partner in online success,

    Jason Doidge
    aka IMJackSparrow

  19. Thanks for the kick in the you know where Janet and Brenda. After watching this, I am reminded of what I’ve been missing in getting myself out there. Now I just have to hold my nose and take the plunge! Thanks to GVO products and the training that you and the others provide there, anyone can learn to brand themselves and conduct business online.

    Really enjoyed your video ladies, nice job!

  20. Janet, I’ve always enjoyed your training and to see you and Brenda together doing this is special because I believe family is so important.
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Personally loved this video Janet and Brenda. You guys make an interesting team.

    You also hit the nail directly on the head in regards to branding. This is the type of stuff that you need to do to solidify your success when marketing online.

    Absolutely loved the video and hope to see more in the future.

  22. Nice introductory video, girls. If I may, an observation: At the beginning, Brenda said she was going to “interview” you, Janet. Yet, you kind of just took over. Yes, there was interaction between the two of you, but….. You asked for comments…

  23. Wonderful video Janet & Brenda. It tells so much detailed information and easy to understand. I will certainly strive to see and hear your demonstration on GVO Academy. I know we will be in touch many times.



  24. Great video. I may do one cloaked as the Lone Ranger. Thanks for what you do Brenda and Janet.

  25. Hello Janet & Brenda

    Well done guys you both look
    very professional.Janet you
    are the best Teacher anyone
    could ever ask for keep up
    the great work you two.

  26. Great video… very informative. Thanks for sharing this valuable ‘oh-so-true’ message with all of us. Keep up the good work ladies – Brenda and Janet. Like Mother – like daughter! :}

  27. Nice video, ladies but since you asked for comments can I suggest that you don’t sit so close together wearing black. Those of us with poor eye-sight found that the image became difficult to watch after a while because it settled in to a two layer cake – the white wall behind and the black dresses.

    I would also say that it is most unusual to see two people who are supposed to be talking to each other sitting side by side – maybe you could try sitting at 45º to the camera?

    One day I will probably be able to join GVO – it certainly looks like it is here to stay.

  28. *GREAT* Video!! I’ve been following Janet for about 7 months now and everything I am learning here about branding was key for my success online. I invite all of you reading this post to come and join Janet and Don’s training calls on Saturdays, you’ll learn a lot about many different topics that will help you achieve success on the Internet.

    Thanks Janet and Brenda!! I look forward to seeing more videos from you.


  29. Hi Janet & Brenda, loved the video; though I agree with Arthur about sitting at an angle to one another and the camera.
    Janet you are one of the most giving and genuine IM people I have yet found and I love you for it! Thanks for being you!

  30. Thanks for the great information. You have me convinced that “Branding Me” is the way to succeed. I’ve set up my blog following your instructions. Now I just have to start driving traffic to it. (Seems to be easier said than done.)


    Ralph Lyon
    Founder, The Massive Giving Group
    Give ’til YOU Smile! Get Massive Results!

  31. Hi Janet and Brenda,
    This is a great video. You really make it easy for people to understand the whole concept of branding. Janet you are an awesome teacher. Thanks for everything that you do.


  32. Brenda, This video is very good quality! Of course that is to be expected from an expert like Janet. I think you need to goover the script and get janet to let you talk a bit more. I did notice that this was on Janets site and not yours.

    Keep up the good work and look forward to hearing more.
    Dave Johnson

  33. Great Video!!
    I found out about the real meaning of “Branding”. I always thought of branding as a thing we do in round up, when we fire up
    the branding irons and brand our young cattle.
    Now I see I have to brand myself and be recognized as an internet entrepreneur.
    Thank you!

  34. Awesome information. I’m still trying to get my oldest to wake up and work for himself instead of trading time for money. Thanks for sharing the video and I’m happy to see your daughter in the home based business arena. She has a great teacher.

    The Blakester
    Robert Blakely

  35. Wow your video was great and a wonderful team. I hope you will continue to help all of us trying to build our income to have financial freedom form the system. Thank you and a great job.

  36. You have to express more your opinion to attract more readers, because just a video or plain text without any personal approach is not that valuable. But it is just form my point of view

  37. Good Morning, Janet and Brenda!
    Brenda, it is so nice to finally “meet” you.
    Janet, Brenda is so right, you do make these concepts look easy, thanks for sharing and it is coming together for me, day by day.

    Have an awesome Thursday, both of you!

  38. Janet and Brenda,

    As always, you walk the walk and not just talk the talk. I’m looking forward to the day that I can have my two kids follow me into the biz and be willing to be on a video with the old man.

    Of course since their still Teenagers they don’t like to be seen in public with me…. But hopefully that will change. l;-)

  39. Thanks Janet, I have been keeping my eye on you for couple years now. Thank you for all the advise. This video with you and your lovely daughter has given me a kick in the butt to get up and take action. Thanks to you both.
    Gods Blessing

  40. I thoroughly enjoyed that video, Janet. You and your daughter make quite a team. I was so happy to see that trophy also. Now I just need to see your teddy bears.. Appreciate all the help you’ve given me. You are an awesome teacher, no doubt about it.

  41. I loved your video. Thank you for that.You and your daughter Brenda have helped us how to proceed further in the business.I will contact you later as I am busy with arrangements for my daughter’s new establishment.
    Thanks and regards,

  42. Janet and Brenda,
    Great interview, packed full of important information. This also teaches us how easy and how much fun this business can be.
    Looks like a family business going well.
    continued success to you both,
    Ken Pringle

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