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18 Replies to “Welcome”

  1. Hello,
    I just write to say hello and thanks,i really like you to be my best mentor.
    I have checked and see what you can really offer,i like your style.
    Thanks once again for the great work.

  2. Hi Janet. I was at your webinar at noon on Saturday and as ususal it gave me a few great ideas. Leads keep coming in for me because of your tutoring and yet again I want to say Thank You for being you and helping other people when they need it.

  3. no but i need something as i am retired

    i am ex soldier been to moving houses for 40 years

    now on war pension….. which is poor

    leave you with this breif life detail

  4. Well Jim, I firmly believe if you follow the strategies we teach, you can change that situation around 😉 Thank you for sharing, let me know when you’re ready to start ok?


  5. Hello Janet, I am writing to you hoping to get some help to make my PlugnPay sites turn around and get traffic and subsequently make sales. Are people really making money from their websites? I am in Australia without a mentor and have had 5 PnP sites since 2011 but haven’t achieved any results,and although James’ tri-weekly sessions have helped me tidy up my sites,I haven’t grasped the traffic strategies and I need help in getting traffic and to start list building. James gives you great credit and I hope that your expertise can get me traveling in the right direction. Details of my sites readily available if you are able to assist. My skype address is ian.moffat33 but of course there is around a 10 hour time difference. Look forward to hearing from you, regards,Ian Moffat

  6. Hi Janet, What is the difference between receiving the $9.95 GVO startup and going for the $50.00 deal?

  7. Hi Jay,

    The difference is that the $44.95 package is unlimited and the $9.97 package is limited to 4 domains, 5 campaigns and 4 video uploads.

  8. Hi Janet Mary Duff here from the MMBS training today
    wanted to say thank you again for offering the video scripts to follow
    ? can you send me the link again to get them when I signed out of training lost the link.
    Thanks again

  9. Hy Janet….this Blog is beautiful!!!
    It’s Cool , Great…and so interesting…!!!

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