Unlimited Targeted Leads With Net Extractor

Unlimited Targeted Leads With Net Extractor

Create an unlimited supply of targeted leads with Net Extractor


I am SO excited about this new program that we were introduced to through Second Income Coach. Paul Farman has put together something pretty amazing here. I haven’t seen anything like this in a very long time.

NetExtractor is a unique program that goes out on the Internet and locates Names, Phone Numbers and E-Mail addresses of advertisers at places like Craigslist, Adlandpro and other top advertising resources.

What NetExtractor does is it goes to these systems and locates ads based on the criteria that you setup in the system.  You can target your leads based on many different criteria and really narrow down the field.

When the program completes its run, it places all the data into a nice CSV (Comma Separated Values) file which is easy for you to manage.

Introduce your targeted leads to Second Income Coach

All you need to now is pick up the phone and make a quick call. Here is an example of a call that may take place.  In this example, I’m simply introducing them to our Second Income Coach system:

YOU: Hello _____ … my name is _______, do you have a few minutes for the phone?

LEAD: Sure

YOU: GREAT … I was browsing the ads online and noticed your business ad at AdlandPro and I wanted to contact you. I’ll keep this brief. We have a system we use to create duplication in our business. It’s a generic system and works for any business. I believe it can help you to increase your results. May I share this with you?

LEAD: Can you tell me a bit more about it first?

YOU: Sure, you see, it’s a simple online program where our members learn everything they need to know to do anything they want to do online. In other words, we help you generate leads for YOUR business at the same time, we help you develop multiple streams of income. Are you near your computer?

LEAD: Yes I am

YOU: Great! Please open up a browser window and type in this address: USERNAME.thisissic.com … did it load up for you?

LEAD: Yes … is that you in the video?

YOU: Yes it is … one of the things I love about this system is that when you are a GOLD member, you can add your own video to the page. Isn’t that neat? It really makes a difference in our results.

LEAD: How much is it to join?

YOU: Well, like I said, it’s free to start … and there is a lot of great training available, both live and recorded. The GOLD upgrade is just $29.95 a month and what’s really neat is that as a GOLD member, you will earn 50% from all your GOLD referrals … every single month.

LEAD: Really? And free members? Do they earn a commission?

YOU: Yes, they do as a matter of fact. Free members earn 10%. Go ahead and fill out the form then check out the members area ok?

LEAD: This sounds really good … thank you for sharing it with me. Can I advertise my XYZ business there?

YOU: You sure can! The system is designed to funnel prospects through our program and introduce them to YOUR business.

LEAD: Ok great … where do I go from here?

YOU: Watch the video in the members area, then follow the steps to setup your system. ________, do you have a Skype account?

LEAD: Yes, as a matter of fact I do.

YOU: GREAT, My skype id is ________. What is your id?

LEAD: Mine is ________

YOU: Thanks, I’ll add you to my skype list and we can connect there – that way I can help you with the system AND you can become part of our active members group where you can ask questions any time of night or day. Sound good?

LEAD: Ok … thanks

YOU: It was great talking with you and I look forward to connecting on Skype. I know you are going to enjoy the system. Thanks again, talk soon, bye for now

LEAD: Thanks again, bye

That’s all there is to it … now of course, you can use any script for calling your new leads, you can even approach them directly about your business. I prefer to use a system approach as it’s less intrusive … I’m simply here to help them get better results in their business.

Simple to install and start generating unlimited targeted leads

The program is so simple to install, it took literally 5 minutes and there are training videos that show you how to set it up … and believe me … it’s simple!

With Net Extractor, you will never be without leads again … your one time payment guarantees and endless stream of fresh new leads … people in YOUR industry, people with YOUR interests, people excited to hear from you.

So … go ahead, grab your own copy of Net Extractor … it’s a ONE time payment .. yes you heard right … ONE TIME payment for an eternity of targeted leads!

Janet Legere
Skype me at janetlegere


Coming next … Phone Burner … Use this unique system to call all the leads you generate with NetExtractor … it’s Ingenious!    To Get More Phone Burner Details  CLICK HERE

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