Turning Point

Back from Vegas and ready to take on the world … still winding down or is it back up again?  Don and I just got back from an amazing week in Vegas.  On the weekend we attended our First Turning Point seminar with Marshall Sylver and it was truly amazing and life changing for both Don and me.

To begin the weekend, there was a get together Friday evening with the group from GVO.  It was a great pleasure to finally meet, in person, all the people I’ve been working with for the past 8 months.  Joel Therien, MikeyP,  the GVO Academy team .. Mark, Ken, Gerry and Jerry :-), Tracie and Jaime and all the GVO folks … we met so many folks from our GVO classes, it was great to put a face to all your names I see on the training calls.

The highlight of my night Friday was receiving an award from my peers as GVO Academy Trainer of the Year.  I am very honoured to receive this title and intend to hold it with pride.

Don and I came to Turning Point with some apprehension and within a few moments we both knew how powerful this weekend was going to be for us.  We heard very little that we had not heard before.  What was different was how we heard it.  Marshall Sylver has a way of getting his point across that is quite unique.

You see .. Marshall Sylver is also a hypnotist and it is through Hypnotism that he helps us to “reprogram” our thinking to get what we want in life.

Don and I both see changes  … we feel changed and WE ATE FIRE!  You will see our videos below.

We are excited about attending the First Million seminar and know there is only one way to go from here … POWER!

Janet eating Fire!

Don eating fire:

If you have the desire to make drastic change in your life and you are ready to embrace the POWER in you, contact Don or I for special seating at the next Turning Point.  We have limited tickets available for the right people.

Watch the video with Marshall Sylver and contact us at 403-274-2930 to learn how to get tickets to Turning Point.

Click PLAY to watch the Turning Point Video:

Then Contact Us!  Tickets Are Limited

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