TrafficLeads2Income is a Marketers Must Have

TrafficLeads2Income is a Marketers Must Have

The Internet is filled with programs touting the EASY BUTTON approach to Internet Marketing when the truth is, there are 10 (TEN) basic MUST HAVES to truly master Internet Marketing, build a list and make money.

You’ll see below, that TrafficLeads2Income comes up as a definite MUST HAVE!

  1. Your name as a domain name such as Domains run 15 – 20 bucks or less per year. GoDaddy is one of the most popular domain resellers.
  2. A hosting account (With GVO, my recommended hosting company, you can skip #4 because it also gives you a professional AutoResponder)
  3. A lead capture page or squeeze page to build YOUR list and funnel subscribers through a duplicatible ‘system’.  TrafficLeads2Income is a perfect example.
  4. A Paid AutoResponder linked to your LCP (GVO offers a professional auto-responder included in their hosting package)
  5. WordPress Blog installed on your domain (like here at
  6. A front end tip of the funnel program your list is introduced to such as TrafficLeads2Income – one of our top choices in Funded programs
  7. All your resources and income streams loaded in a customizable downline builder (See #6). Advertising and creating multiple streams of income start with a customizable downline builder like that offered at TrafficLeads2Income
  8. A Facebook account and/or other social networking accounts such as Twitter where you can make friends and build relationships with people who follow your lead
  9. A supportive mentoring community such as active Skype groups and live conferences like RobsNetworkers Sunday night Conference.  Each Sunday at 9:30PM Eastern, there is an opportunity to win a TrafficLeads2Income Lifetime upgrade when 75 or more guests attend.
  10. Your passion, desire, and will to succeed and to transform your life!!!  This, above all is the BIGGEST MUST HAVE of all … you absolutely require a deep passion, desire and a STRONG WILL to succeed!

Our mentoring program at Contact List Builder can help create a focused and direct plan of action to help you create success in your business.  And when you focus on the above MUST HAVES, your list will grow and so will your income streams.

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Thanks for reading … now it’s time to take action!

Happy marketing,

Janet Legere
The Contact List Builder
Prospect Geyser Family of Programs

Success happens when opportunity meets preparedness … are you prepared?


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