Traffic Leads 2 Income

Traffic Leads 2 Income


Today I am excited to introduce a new program to you that is going to help you build your list while creating more traffic to your website.

The program is called TrafficLeads2Income and is the brain child of my good friend and long time business associate, Rob Gehring.

You can join free however, I know you will want to upgrade when you see the quality program and you understand the value.

Here is the website to get registered:

Here is the Lead Capture page you will create when you join.ย  You can edit yours, you will see that I added my video to the page.ย  My Lead Capture page is attached to my GVO eResponder Pro.ย ย  When visitors fill out the form and confirm their email, they are immediately directed to the Traffic Leads2Income signup form and their email address is confirmed and subscribed to my list in GVO.

When you place your lead capture page in Traffic Exchanges, you will generate a lot of new subscribers and refer a lot of new members to TrafficLeads2Income.

Don’t wait on this … you want to start using the system right away to build your list and attract prospects for your business.

Please leave your comments (after you join of course), I am anxious to hear what you think.

I know you will agree TrafficLeads2Income is a great tool!

I wish you great success,

Janet Legere
Internet Training Expert

67 Replies to “Traffic Leads 2 Income”

  1. Janet, thank you for sharing yet another tool with us! I don’t miss going to Home Depot anymore! LOL… Your site is great and your videos are spot on! Thanks so much,

    Doug Casady

  2. Hi Janet The tool looks Great .

    Hooks into Are GVO Auto Responder I Love It.
    Almost 8:00 PM Meeting Time .

    I will be Back For The signup Link Afterward .

    Your New friend

    John R Proulx (jrpsystems)

  3. Hi Janet
    Well , I checked it out and was impressed. Signed up and then was disappointed to find that I had to upgrade in order to benefit from much.
    However, as I said , i was impressed with the system and the unique features it has so I decided to take advantage of the one time offer and got the upgrade for the $12,95. It has taken me all evening to set up,and i’m still not sure if the connection is set up right between GVO and TrafficLeads 2Income.
    I’ll find out soon enough. lol. It will take moe a while to get TeToolbox to get up and running too. I love the Lead Capture page! I wish every company would help us do one.
    Thanks for introducing this program to us. I really like it so far.


  4. Hi Linda,

    Here are the instructions to setup the GVO eResponder with the TrafficLeads2Income letters.

    From your GVO Back office

    1. click on eResponder
    2. Click on Campaigns
    3. Click on List
    4. at the bottom are two boxes for shared campaign codes, the first onei s to COPY … You can get copy of campaign by code:…. enter the code in this box
    CODE IS 653037840412
    5. press Get Campaign to the right of the box

  5. Hello Janet,

    Thanks so much for always sharing these very useful tools with us.
    Appreciate as well, that you take the time to ensure we know how to correctly use and benefit from them, by creating these easy to follow videos.
    You sure do practice what you teach!
    Have a great day and continued success, always!

  6. Hi Janet,
    I checked out the Program and it looks like it is very good. I just can’t afford to Purchase anything more until I start earning some money. Thanks Janet for telling me about this Product. Keep up the good work.
    I registered a Domain Name last night. I used the Link on the GVO Page.
    Thanks again, Lucille

    Thanks, Lucille

  7. Hi Janet,

    Looks like a winner. Another arrow for the quiver of the forward-thinking Internet marketer.

    With tools like this the job gets easier and MUCH MORE EFFICIENT!


  8. Thank you Janet. This is great information as usual. Thanks for always seeking ways to help other Marketers make an income online. Many blessings to you.


  9. Janet, I think I got the message here. It looks good. I was cooking shrimp when i viewed it from my kitchen. I will save it and check out again this weekend.


  10. Hi,
    Thank you for your messages

    I know very well that you are a true expert in marketing and it is thanks to you I begin to discover, just to discover not know marketing.
    But I control it and it will be thanks to you and your employees.

    Please, I’ll be EXTREMELY grateful for the free support.

    I Voous infoorme I started today my 7 days trial with GDI.

    Please, once I start to generate income with GDI I would pay my subscription GVO, but provided help to generate income and build my list as soon as possible.

    thank you for your support

  11. As always Janet you have good information and make it simple to understand. You have come a long way. So people should really listen to you. You do know what you are talking about, no doubt. so my fellow marketers you should take heed and listen to Janet. Your friend online and off line. Blessings to all, James
    PS. Thank you Janet for all the past good tips I have learned. Jim

  12. Hi Janet,

    Congratulations on your Feb. marketing (sales) results with TrafficLeads2Income. It shows you are able to practice what you preach.

    I will check it out.



  13. Hi, Janet, you must have the right connection, you always find the winner in advertising. I think we shoud all start listening to you, instead of wasting our time. I always take your recommendation really seriously ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Janet, This information is very good it is simple, It can help so many to Build they own Business, It so easy to learn, Thank you Janet, All the best Elena,

  15. Yes Janet,
    Another good program, however I am jellous
    of your ability to keep up with all your
    programs, I’ll learn someday.
    Dean Hamblin

  16. Hi Janet,
    As always precise and to the point no fluff here as like all your endeavors thank you so much for all that you do.

    Eugene Wakefield

  17. Hi Janet !
    Thanks for sharing this very useful tool with us.
    This is great information as usual.
    I always take your recommendation really seriously.

    Thank you Janet.

    Liliana V

  18. I find I agree with Linda above, great program but of limited utility unless you upgrade…

    I joined a couple of weeks ago but put it on the back burner as just something else I do not have time to promote…

    Thanks for putting out good info on it Janet…

  19. Hey Janet… thank you for sharing. I’ve been looking at various lead capture tools recently, and am glad to find a really good one. I just discovered GVO today as well… any good inside information about GVO that you can share with me?

  20. Janet I like the looks of this and can afford it for the 3 months I signed up for. So any help you can offer to make it pay for itself in say 60 to 90 days and maybe more?
    Thanks Janet

  21. It is quite impressive and it does not surprise
    me, All your work is great. I am just bouncing back from more surgery and will keep in touch.
    I am in GVO at the bottom of list all upline I am the bottom line, ha!
    I will get back since I have 3 differ Super Aff, courses and a couple of Marketing going w/very good marketers: Chia-Jeff Johnson & Jeremy Gislason. Cheers, manly

  22. If you are even considering or trying to build a business then you have to listen to Janet. She is as clear as a bell on what needs to happen in starting and building a business.

    Thanks Janet for your kindness.

  23. I will upgrade at my first opportunity. Looks like a great program. I joined as a free member.

  24. Hi Janet The tool looks Great .
    I will be Back For The signup Link Afterward .

    Your New friend

  25. OK, OK, still not able to come up with the required time, interested but on the back-burner at this time, hoping to start on these things soon…., Horst

  26. very nice and informative video Janet but it lacks the inforamtion of one important thing… the viral list building stuff ๐Ÿ˜€

    Looking forward to this opportunity.

    //Marko Ketolainen

  27. My post is a summary of how it works, Marko.

    What would you have listed regarding Viral List Building with Traffic Leads 2 Income? How is TL2I a viral list builder?


  28. Hi Blake,

    First I want to congratulate you for stepping out and admitting you are a newbie and that none of this makes sense.

    That is totally understandable. Giveaways are a great way to build a list and the best way to learn what they are is to take a look at this Easter Giveaway. There are complete instructions inside and I’m happy to answer any questions that come up along the way.

    Go ahead and give it a go … you have everything to gain by learning about Giveaways.

    Let me know if you have further questions,


  29. Hi Janet
    There is some names that I trust their recommendations and you are one them.
    So, I’ll just sign up for this program and adventage of its benefits.
    Keep up with great job and thanks.
    Alban M. M.

  30. Great stuff. You make everything seem over easy. I wish there were more hours in a day to take full advantage of it.

  31. That’s quite a package, autoresponder and downline builder. I’d seen you advertising on the traffic exchanges, but as is my want on traffic exchanges I am only there to get credits and traffic to my own offers so I try to blank out other offers. Thanks for sharing the information.

  32. Hi Janet,
    I love the answer you gave Linda..You laid it out step by step. I am finding out that is the only way I can set anything up. Abbreviations need to be clarified and everything explained step by step. I want to get into prosperity rising also but like a lot of us, I am out of money. Too bad we need to pay before we earn but of course that is the way the business world works.

  33. Hi Joyce,

    I wanted to comment on your note about Prosperity Rising. You can advertise with PR as a free member, you do not need to upgrade right away. I recommend you follow the step by step instructions in Prosperity Rising to setup your ads and begin using the system to earn credits.

    Let me know if you need further help,


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