Top 3 Recommended Advertising Lists

Top 3 Advertising Lists for 2012

These three resources produce the highest conversions, are you using them?

I highly recommend that you consider the one time offers at all three of these programs. These are advertising dollars
well spent!


After a disastrous intrusion, ListJoe is back and better than ever with the Social aspect of the new system. You are going to love it! If you have not yet Re-Joined ListJoe, you can do so here:


Bweeble is a new list on the scene this year and it has proven to be a winner right from the get go. Membership is growing and very active. Like List Joe, Bweeble has an amazing social aspect to it. You can join Bweeble here:

The Lead Magnet

This is one of those long standing lists that keeps growing with very active members. You won’t find better anywhere as Stefan Berg is focused only on growing and maintaining The Lead Magnet in number one standing!

Whichever one you choose of if you go all out and choose them all, you will see results when you use these programs.

How To Use List Builders

Joining is just step one, to really take advantage of these programs there are some steps you need to take:

Setup Your Profile

This is one of the most important steps. Make sure your name is correct, email is correct and where requested, add your Paypal or other payment information so that you can get paid!

Banner and Text Ads

All three of the above programs offer you the ability to have your banner or text ads rotating on the site to be viewed by other members and visitors in general. It’s important that you set these up. Remember to direct your visitors to your Lead Capture page!

Setup the Downline Builder

All there programs offer you the ability to add your username or id number to the system so that your referrals can join those other advertising programs under you.

CAUTION: Do not go in and join all those programs. Simply enter your ids of the programs you already belong to and get out of there 🙂 As you have the time and inclination, you can join the other programs.

Send and Schedule Your Ads

Now that the programs are setup, you will want to schedule your ads and send your first ad. Depending on your members level, you will be able to send to random members 1 to 3 times a week. Upgraded members receive monthly credits. Schedule your send times in your calendar so that you remember to send your ads!

I am confident that these three programs will direct traffic to your website and turn into subscribers and members in the programs you promote.

I expect they will bring you the same results that I’ve experienced.

Happy Marketing,

Janet Legere
The Contact List Builder

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