Top 3 Recommended Advertising Lists

Top 3 Recommended Advertising Lists

Top 3 Advertising Lists for 2012

These three resources produce the highest conversions, are you using them?

I highly recommend that you consider the one time offers at all three of these programs. These are advertising dollars
well spent!


After a disastrous intrusion, ListJoe is back and better than ever with the Social aspect of the new system. You are going to love it! If you have not yet Re-Joined ListJoe, you can do so here:


Bweeble is a new list on the scene this year and it has proven to be a winner right from the get go. Membership is growing and very active. Like List Joe, Bweeble has an amazing social aspect to it. You can join Bweeble here:

The Lead Magnet

This is one of those long standing lists that keeps growing with very active members. You won’t find better anywhere as Stefan Berg is focused only on growing and maintaining The Lead Magnet in number one standing!

Whichever one you choose of if you go all out and choose them all, you will see results when you use these programs.

How To Use List Builders

Joining is just step one, to really take advantage of these programs there are some steps you need to take:

Setup Your Profile

This is one of the most important steps. Make sure your name is correct, email is correct and where requested, add your Paypal or other payment information so that you can get paid!

Banner and Text Ads

All three of the above programs offer you the ability to have your banner or text ads rotating on the site to be viewed by other members and visitors in general. It’s important that you set these up. Remember to direct your visitors to your Lead Capture page!

Setup the Downline Builder

All there programs offer you the ability to add your username or id number to the system so that your referrals can join those other advertising programs under you.

CAUTION: Do not go in and join all those programs. Simply enter your ids of the programs you already belong to and get out of there 🙂 As you have the time and inclination, you can join the other programs.

Send and Schedule Your Ads

Now that the programs are setup, you will want to schedule your ads and send your first ad. Depending on your members level, you will be able to send to random members 1 to 3 times a week. Upgraded members receive monthly credits. Schedule your send times in your calendar so that you remember to send your ads!

I am confident that these three programs will direct traffic to your website and turn into subscribers and members in the programs you promote.

I expect they will bring you the same results that I’ve experienced.

Happy Marketing,

Janet Legere
The Contact List Builder

34 Replies to “Top 3 Recommended Advertising Lists”

  1. Great Stuff Janet,thanks for this informative post,you sure know your way around these traffic exchange programs,thanks again for sharing.

  2. List Joe has always been a great tool, now that it’s back, it’s better than ever. I like the great looking emails it generates. I don’t have enough time on the other 2 to give a decent opinion but If Janet says they are great, that’s good enough for me. James

  3. Thanks Janet,

    I use all three in my marketing. It’s a good reminder for everyone to use their calendar. I use Google calendar and follow Darren Olander’s method for added them to your Calendar.

  4. Thanks Janet for this concise though precise review of the systems most in use
    in our daily work. Behind each of them there is a story, we have all shared and
    by now part of our story too. Nick has remembered Darren’ very useful suggestions
    as to Google calendar. I personally have a great consideration for Darren and not only
    for these small practical hints. So I will add his Viral Nugget as one of our top sites,
    mainly in terms of results.

  5. Great reminder Anna! Viral Nugget can be found in our Prospect Geyser systems 🙂 Darren is a long time friend and business partner. His systems are all top notch as well

  6. By all means, Larry feel free to share as you please. Let me know if I can help in any way 🙂

  7. Glad to hear you are following the steps, Dickie. That is so important when starting out in Internet Marketing. Let me know if you need help.

  8. Hi Janet
    great info I did not know that List Joe I needed to resign up with them I signed up with another program months ago and had no idea what to do so its just been siting out there gathering dust, I think I understand now from you and Doc Stone what it is for. As for the other two never heard of them but if you are recommending them they have to be good ones.

    Thank for all the good infor you provide.

  9. Hey Janet.

    This came in at a perfect time.

    People have been asking me where is the best place
    to advertise and now I have expert advice book marked
    to help me help them.


  10. Janet, you asked for feedback to this blog post. I don’t know how you determined that those 3 list mailers have the highest conversion rates (although certainly they are all good).. I trust List Hoopla for list rankings; Lead Magnet has been ranked #1 for as long as I can remember; the top 6 in order today at Hoopla are LeadMagnet, StateOfTheArt, Bweeble, AdChiever, MaxMailerPro and ListJoe. I just got done with viewing a webinar where the presenter used for ranking safelists. I don’t know why, it has a bunch of lists I never heard of at the top. Then I found a page while surfing where another marketer listed his top mailers by CTR, and gave the following data: InstaBucksMailz 14.3%, MagicEmails 10%, DailyCreditMailer 8.3%, MaxMailerPro 6.7%, and so on. There are probably other criteria aside from CTR to consider in choosing a list mailer, such as–how many credits do they give to free members? If too few or none, don’t bother.

    Howard Wachtel

  11. Believe you wanted one in your batch as website.
    I’m wondering — before I add List Joe back if its for real 1 opportunity to get the $197 package offer only 1 time. 3 years ago I believed it was lifetime; then last year got in again.
    would like to wait till Dec. 24 pay check to add as had home maintenance charge this month.This site didn’t want to let me past it without saying “goodbye to opportunity forever”

  12. Thanks for the informative information.
    I use all three of these programs and love them.
    You have given explicit directions so that a newbie
    can follow them and get set up and be on their way.
    You always give excellent advise.
    Thank you.

  13. Hi Janet,
    I’ve always loved List Joe, and have used it for years! I joined Bweeble when it opened and likewise I think it’s great (apart from it’d stupid name)! Mr Berg keeps sending me invitations to join the No 1 List Builder but my wife says if I join another site, she will strangle me (I.m only 74 and far too young to die)!!!

    Best Wishes,


  14. Hi Georgia,

    If you were an upgraded member previously, you can send in a support ticket to ListJoe and give them your Paypal email address. They will look you up in the system and upgrade your account. 🙂

  15. Keith, you are too funny.

    My question to you is, are the lists you are using bringing you results? You should be seeing new subscribers every time you email, are you? The same will happen with Lead Magnet.

    If things are not yet returning for you, let’s connect and talk about changing it ok?


  16. The Lead Magnet is certainly one of my favourites and the truth is, List Joe, Bweeble and The Lead Magnet are MY top producers. As shown by YOUR stats, they are in the top at List Hoopla too. I don’t follow other people’s stats, I follow my own 🙂

    Which lists produce the highest conversions for you?

  17. I am a member of all three programs and use them as often as I am allowed to post.
    They are all great producers, and I recommend them to everyone.
    Thank you for your continued support and encouragement to all us struggling business builders.

    Maurice C Wagner

  18. Great post, Janet. Going to share on my blog. I belong to so many and neglect to do any. Think I’ll take your advise & focus on these consistantly.


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