Top 10 Marketing Lists

Top 10 Marketing Lists

It seems that every day I am asked, “are the best resources out there?”.  There are many great ways to advertise your website on the Internet.  Below, I am listing my top 10 Credit based, list building programs.  These programs are all designed to offer you a place to advertise your website as well, they offer a way for you to build a list of downline members and earn income at the same time.

NOTE:  While the following are listed 1 through 10, it was difficult to order them in order of responsiveness.  All 10 of the following resources will work for you if you learn to use them as they are designed.  The secret to making these work is being consistent and persistent.

ListJoe – List Builder, Advertising Resource and Income Earner all in one.  You will Find List Joe to be one of the most responsive systems out there.  This Credit based program offers many ways to advertise your website.  I  highly recommend the one time offer of $197.00.  List Joe also offers very affordable monthly memberships.  Paid members have access to the List Joe membership.  You can also benefit as a free member in this credit based system.  Join List Joe Here.

Prosperity Rising – this Viral program is a link tracker and advertising resource, list builder and income earner.    There is great value in the one time offer of $137.00 and Prosperity Rising also offers monthly membership upgrades.   You will also see great value as a free member earning credits simply by using the system!  Join Prosperity Rising Here.

ListVolta – This Advertising List and Social Network is Credit Based and very responsive.   Created by the owners of Herculist, this resource is working well for me.  You can earn credits to place your own ads within the system and depending on your level of membership, you can email random members of Revo List.  You’ll find a lot of value in the upgraded memberships.  Join List Volta Here.

ViralNetworks – This list building system is also a Social Network where you not only earn credits for reading ads, you also earn credits for posting on your blog and commenting on other members’ networks.  You will earn credits and cash with this unique system.  As an upgraded member, you have access to email 3,000 random members every 3 days!  Between the list building aspect and the Social networking ability, Viral Networks is a true winner.  Join Viral Netwoks Here

TheListAuction – This List Builder is a credit based list with a large active membership.  As an upgraded member, you can email 3000 random members every 3 days.  You earn credits by reading others email ads and sponsoring new members into List Auction.  I’ve found List Auction to be one of the most responsive credit based programs.  Join The List Auction here

ListSurfing – This unique list builder and traffic exchange offers you the ability to earn credits reading other members ads and also by using the List Surfing Traffic Exchange.  List Surfing boasts and active membership with responsive readers.  As an upgraded member, you can email the database every 3 days.  Join List Surfing here

ViralAdStore – Another unique credit based program where you can email random members of the database, based on your credits earned.  As an upgraded member, you can email 3000 random members every 3 days!  This list has a very responsive membership.  Join Viral Ad Store here

ViralHosts – Created by the owners of Viral Networks, this unique program not only has a credit system attached, you can setup an entire website with the click of a mouse.  I use this system for the advertising but you may find the website templates very useful as well.  Join Viral Hosts here

Residual Quik – This new program is the brain child of Clint Clark from Revenue Magic, List Quik, Residual Quik and Widget Quik.  Clint offers some of the best advertising available and now with the new Residual Quik, you can also earn a handsome monthly income just by using the service.  Join Residual Quik here

ListQuick–  Another brain child of Clint Clark, this credit based list builder offers you a list to email even as a free member.  Earn credits to reach more members by reading member emails.  This very simple system is very responsive.  Join List Quik here

I hope you receive a high response from these resources just like I do.  The key to any of these resources is being consistent and persistent.  I use the above resources to promote my GVO website and I get consistent signups everytime I send my ad.  These resources work if you use them consistently.

I look forward to reading your comments and welcome your questions.

Happy Marketing,

Janet Legere
Internet Training Expert

7 Replies to “Top 10 Marketing Lists”

  1. Another great video thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us you are an awesome leader I look forward to seeing more video`s from you Janet ..

    Thank You,
    Rob Tebo

  2. Hello Janet,
    Thank you for sharing your list of top 10 Ad Resources. I know that I have been in your downline in a couple of ventures.
    I am currently using a few of these that were recommended, though not all. It seems that Safelists are the way to go, however, I tend to work very hard trying to get credits and I don’t get alot of responses. Obviously I would pay for upgrades, but that will add up after a while and I refuse to upgrade at everyone of them.
    Just my two cents and I know I will still continue to use them. I just look for better results. Take care and all the best to you!!
    Dan Reed

  3. Hi Janet,

    With you all the way! I’m getting especially good results with List Joe, Prosperity Rising and Residual Quik. These 3 are fantastic.

    Somehow I’ve missed joining List Volta — But I’ll fix that right away…

    Looking forward to more tips and training, Janet!


  4. Hello Janet, thanks for sharing this with us!

    I already use most of the tools and resources listed and I can say that they are the best ones. The secret to make them work is consistence, advertise everyday, use as many tools as possible and positive results will show up!

    Have a great day!
    Anderson Goncalves

  5. Hi Janet, I have been using the ListJoe and Prosperity Rising and plan on adding about One new program a week to increase my advertising efforts. I appreciated the work you are doing with GVO and Prosperity Rising.

    Continue the good work
    Steve Kaufmann

  6. Hi Janet,

    Thank you for sharing. I had previously signed up to a couple of the lists services but haven’t used them yet as I’m not familiar with how they work. I have now signed up to the rest. Being totally green at these kind of services, I will really appreciate an instructional session on how to make the most of them to help me get up to speed.


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