THREE SIMPLE STEPS TO NLS There really are just 3…

THREE SIMPLE STEPS TO NLS There really are just 3…

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There really are just 3 simple steps that you need to follow in order to make money with Now Lifestyle.

1. Upgrade & Setup

This step takes about 5 minutes. Yes, there is more you CAN do, but if you are on track to get your business growing then all you need to do is upgrade to a Platinum Reseller (Or at least a VIP member). Once upgraded, setup your Lead Capture System by filling out the form with your name, email, phone, Facebook and Skype.

2. Buy GPS or Facebook Leads

Now Lifestyle is the only Company that I know of that provides you with Paid members and active leads.

GPS are Guaranteed Paid Signups that the Company generates. These members are at the $9.99 a month VIP Member level.

Facebook Leads are leads the Company generates on Facebook and become active Free members in your NLS Downline. These leads are populated into your Nowlifestyle Paid Leads campaign in the Lead Capture System.

3. Follow Up

This is the work! This step may take time for you to learn and master and that is exactly what you need to do. Learn to master the art of following up.

Now Lifestyle makes Following up simple as all you are doing is directing members to get started and encouraging them to follow this simple 3 Step process to make money with NLS.

Once you master these three simple steps, you can head into the NLS system and delve deeper into the training, get setup with your Fit Profile and work to get your health in order too.

Now Lifestyle really is the simplest business I’ve ever seen.

Let’s help you make it simple too!

Remember to invite your leads and members to our Team2Profit system where we will teach them our 3 Simple Steps

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