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The Maturepreneur’s Guide to Success with Now Lifestyle – The Introduction

"The Maturepreneur" here with information that will give you a winning strategy to building your Now Lifestyle Opportunity, or any opportunity for that matter.

What is The Maturepreneur?

According to Dr. Catherine Harris of the University of Birmingham, "the fastest-growing segment of entrepreneurs are people aged 50 and over, referred to as ‘seniorpreneurs’ or ‘olderpreneurs’."

The Maturepreneur is much more than that.

A Maturepreneur has nothing to do with age, rather, it has everything to do with ‘Entrepreneurial Maturity’. In other words, how an entrepreneur approaches business. They know it is not a hobby. It has to deliver. It has to show you the money. Passion, planning and execution is the Mature Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success.

So if you are looking for successes that will bring about the lifestyle change you have been dreaming about… dedicate your time in helpful service to others. After-all, your subscribers, prospects and business partners are looking for the same thing you are. This is the mindset that will guarantee you success.

In our next post we will explore the purpose, process and payoff Mature Entrepreneurs internalize in order to achieve seemingly unreachable goals.

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