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What I learned about Internet Marketing

What I learned about Internet Marketing

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. This industry changes regularly and today, I was reflecting on some commonalities I’ve seen.

Did you know that I’ve been active in this Internet Marketing arena for 20 years now? That’s a long time and the fact that I am still hear tells a story about how powerful the Internet can be. My husband, Don and I have enjoyed working together for all of those 20 years and we are enjoying it more today than ever!

With all this experience, it goes without saying that I’ve seen a thing or two over the past 20 years and today, I started thinking seriously about what I am seeing today.

Hyped up sales pitches and upsells are two of the biggest “challenges” I see online.  They instill fear into you that if you don’t upgrade, you are going to lose big.

Hmmm … sounds like a money grab to me, and it is!

Now, in some cases, upsells are perfectly respectable, such as special training or access to other products.

And in other cases they are not, like when it’s used to convince you to upgrade when joining – for fear of losing commissions or the money with scams from people like bryan demosthenous.

Which brings me to a program that I’ve been using for the past 3 years (since they opened their doors).

It’s never had an upsell – ever! You can get a free trial for 2 weeks then pay a $50 fee to access everything. They pay you 50% when you refer others and they pay every Friday, without fail.

No upsells – at all! You get access to an amazing system that is helping me generate targeted leads for many of the programs I belong to.

The program I am referring to is The Conversion Pros (TCP) – I know you’ve heard of it, but have you looked at it lately?

They are bending over backwards to help YOU use the system to get leads for your business and create a simple plan for duplication.

Ask any one on my team … I make it easy too – by creating funnels that everyone on my team can easily duplicate. Funnels that work!

It’s a win win situation.

You start creating leads for your business and you start earning an additional income stream by using the system.

Sometimes I think it’s just too simple! Seriously!

Today, I am asking you to check out their training page for TCP – you can register your free account, setup the funnel they show you and do exactly what they tell you.

It works – like clockwork!

Then, you can tap into the systems I use and learn to generate leads for any business you are promoting.

CLICK HERE for the link to the setup and training

I am excited to connect with you and talk about how to make the rest of this year the best of your year! I believe we can do it with TCP – remember, NO upsells, NO hard sell, NO fear of loss!

Together, we can take YOUR Business to a whole new level.

Reach out to me, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks, I appreciate you!

Janet Legere

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10 Reason Why The Conversion Pros

10 Reason Why The Conversion Pros

The Conversion Pros For Any Business

I wanted to talk with you today about the Conversion Pros.

In my mind, it’s one of THE best capture page systems available and here’s 10 reasons why.

  1. Hundreds of templates to choose from for any industry
  2. Fully Customizable
  3. Includes a full professional auto-responder
  4. Includes the ability to send text messages (SMS)
  5. Offers affordable leads deposited right to your auto-responder
  6. Create unlimited capture pages for ANY business
  7. Full time, active owner
  8. New features added regularly
  9. Affordable
  10. Pays well

So, if I were you, I’d grab an account at The Conversion Pros and watch the simple training video on how to create a capture page and then have some fun creating your own.

Oh, one more thing … these pages really work well! I use them to grow my Now Lifestyle business too!

Get Signed Up Here

If you have questions or need help with the system, I’m happy to help.

My contact information is below, please reach out to me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, have a GREAT day,

Janet Legere

Janet Legere

Skype janetlegere
Mobile 403-512-2911

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Janet Legere Reviews The Conversion Pros

Janet Legere Reviews The Conversion Pros

The Conversion Pros Delivers

Back in early December, 2015 I started testing a new Marketing system called The Conversion Pros (TCP). I was looking for something to replace another program that failed to deliver and when I saw this one, I was intrigued. Intrigued by it’s simplicity and it’s POWER!

Frankly, I was tired of complicated pay plans and owners trying to turn marketing systems into MLMs. With TCP the pay plan is simple. You get paid 50% for everyone you refer to the system. It’s a monthly commitment so you will earn 50% each month. Refer just two people and your system is free.

Sure, it would be nice if I could earn from my referrals however, I’d rather see my referrals successfully using the system for what it is intended which is to generate leads for YOUR business, ANY business.

So, I jumped in right away for the $1 trial and had a really good look around and what I saw impressed me. I did some testing and promoted the program itself and was happy with the returns (my system is now more than paid for each month).

I then went on to test the meat of the system which is the Capture page system. The training videos make setup SO easy and the system is really simple to use. Nothing complicated here. I believe that anyone could have a page up and running in no time.

Simply setup your “campaign” (they provide you with an auto-responder), then choose your video if you plan to use video, choose your template, edit the words, save and VOILA! Instant capture pages that are very professional.

Here are the results from two campaigns.

One of my business associates and fellow team members, Ricardo setup a campaign for his Club Shop Rewards business. In his first campaign he had 27 subscribers and over 20 new Trial Partners. 


From Ricardo:

Every time I send out my Clubshop Rewards LCP  from The Conversion Pros I get 3 to 5 signups, and out of those 3 to 5 signups at least 2 to 3 upgrade to  Trial Partner & submit their applications for full partner.

I created a Capture page for CLB following the same strategy I teach which is to direct the subscribers to the CLB Signup page after filling out the subscriber form. On my first mailing to about a dozen mailers my results in the first 12 hours were very encouraging.

  • 559 ‘hits’
  • 9 subscribers
  • 5 CLB members

UPDATE: As of January 14 I have 46 Leads and 26 CLB members and TWO upgrades resulting from ads sent out over three days to VIral Mailers!


Conclusion – it’s all about Conversions!

The Conversion Pros gets a THUMBS UP from me and has already been added to my funnel as a must have tool. You can start for $1 and see all the tools you get access to. They keep adding more tools as well without charging you more! Signup, let your friends know – get two help them get their two then use your system to generate leads for YOUR business!

I believe you will love this system as much as I do.

At the end of the day, I’ve added another income stream AND another resource to generate new members for my Contact List Builder training program.

Janet Legere Recommends The Conversion Pros

My best advice? Grab your account and get started now! Click the banner below.


The Conversion Pros Monthly free Includes

  • Auto-Responder
  • Generic and Local Marketing Videos
  • Lead Capture Page System
  • Tiny Url System
  • Blogging Platform
  • Link Rotator
  • Email broadcaster

Coming soon

  • SMS broadcaster
  • Voice Mail Broadcaster
  • Auto Dialer

What are you waiting for?  Sign Up For The Conversion Pros

Happy Marketing,


Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

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