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IBO ToolBox Skype Contacts

IBO ToolBox Skype Contacts

How to find Skype Contacts at IBO ToolBox

IBOToolBox is a Social Network of Business Professionals.  It is a very active network where you can advertise your business.  Be sure to setup your profile before using this marketing strategy.

The strategy I will share below, shows you how to find IBOToolbox members with Skype IDS.  We will show you how to search for members who recently joined.

  1. Join IBO Toolbox
  2. Setup Your Profile
  3. Search for new members with Skype IDs

Join The IBOToolBox Family

First things first, you need to join IBOToolBox. There is no cost to join this community.  You can learn more about it here

Setup Your Profile

Click on Edit Profile and setup your profile as completely as possible. Be sure to include your picture and contact information ESPECIALLY your Skype Id!


Search for New Members

Now we will go through the process to search for New Members of IBO Toolbox

  1. Click on IBO SEARCH
  2. Scroll down and Select Joined IBO Toolbox and choose Joined Date Range
  3. Choose a date range (usually from today back a few days or to your last visit)
  5. Click on members name
  6. Copy Skype ID
  7. Search on Skype
  8. Add as Contact
  9. Add to New List for IBO Toolbox Leads



New Member Display


Locate Skype IDs and Send Request


Search on Skype


Send Skype Request


Edit Skype Request Message

I like to add to the request and let my new contact know that I saw their information on IBOToolbox.

Here is the message that I add:

I noticed you just joined IBO Toolbox and thought I’d add you here as well.  I look forward to connecting,

Janet Legere


Add New Skype Contact to IBOToolbox Leads List


You are now ready to followup with your new IBOToolbox leads on Skype and get to know your new contacts.

As your new Skype list grows, you can use Seek & Send to personally contact the entire list at the click of a button.  Learn more about Seek & Send here

Webinar Replay

Enjoy the webinar replay of a training I did for our Contact List Builder members

Happy Marketing!


Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

About the author

Janet Legere is the founder of the highly acclaimed ‘Contact List Builder’ training and mentoring program.  As an expert in her field, Janet can show you and your business associates how simple and powerful it can be to build good business relations online. Discover simple strategies to build a list and create your personal braind with CLB.  Visit http://www.contactlistbuilder.com/  or contact Janet at janetlegere on Skype for information on how you can benefit too

Seek and Send for Skype

Seek and Send for Skype

Seek and Send Skype Messaging Tool

It’s always a sad day when programs disappear as happened to a program I’ve used for many years.  Message Magic was a great program and helped me maintain contact with my lists and keep me connected.

For the past week or so, Message Magic stopped working and I needed to find an alternative solution.

I’m excited to find a simple program called Seek and Send.

I find Seek and Send VERY simple to setup and use.

I downloaded it, loaded it and was able to send a message to my list right away.

It offers the ability to search for other Skype IDs and add them to your Skype list as well.

There is a great training video on the sales pages that shows you how simple it is.

If you are a Skype user and are missing Message Magic or you are ready to take your Skype marketing to a whole new level, then I recommend looking at Seek and Send.