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4 Keys To Successful Visualization

4 Keys To Successful Visualization

Marilyn Martin on the 4 Keys to Successful Visualization

On Saturday, January 28, 2012, Marilyn Martin joined us on our Live Webinar to talk about Using Visualization and Having a Winning Mindset.  During the call, she talked about 4 strategies to use Visualization successfully and I have these listed below.

Enjoy the replay of our live webinar with Marilyn Martin

The Four Keys to Successful Visualization

1.  Frequency

The more you do it, the faster it will appear ~ basically, the more you visualize that goal and practice seeing it in your mind, the quicker your goal will manifest.

2. Duration

It is important that you practice holding the picture in your mind for longer periods of time, to expand from seconds to minutes.  The longer you can hold a picture in your mind, the quicker it will manifet.

3.  Vividness

How clearly you SEE your picture will determine how quickly it will become reality.  It must be crystal clear so that you can see it and feel it which brings us to the 4th strategy

4.  Intensity

The intensity of your feelings for the picture in your mind, the more quickly it will manifest itself.  The amount of emotion that you attach to your picture is the most important factor in manifesting your visualization.

You gotta do it a lot, you gotta do it for a long tie, you have to really SEE it and you have to FEEL it with all your soul.  And when you put all of this together you can manifest ANYTHING you can dream of!

In March of 2011, my daughter dreamed of writing a book.  It became an obsession for her, she thought of nothing else and talked about it all the time.  That book is now published and on shelves in Chapters Bookstore (Be That Girl, Simple Steps to Happiness).  I watched as she manifested her dream!

I truly believe that anyone can learn to manifest their dreams, they just need really big dreams that really matter.

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