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2 Steps To Reach The Leader Board

How To Reach The Leader Board In 2 Steps

It’s a question I am often asked, how is it that you are always on the top of the leader boards? My response is simple and may surprise you.

There is a reason my name is #3 on the Total Take Over Leader Board and there is a reason my sponsor, Carl Haavaldsen is in the top 10 as well. We follow a daily plan of action that works.  We send traffic to our Lead Capture page to build our list and create interest in our products and services.  Matthew Graves, Chris Atzinger and Rob Gehring are all leaders on our team who know the importance of building a list!


Two Steps to Reach The Leader Board

  1. Build a list
  2. Invite your subscribers to look at your program

Build Your List

It’s not a secret.  This is the one thing that you must do.  If you want to use the Internet to build a real business and make money online then you need to work on building a list.

My secret list building strategies are shared at my Contact List Builder with our Ready Set Go Marketing System.  Simple to setup and start spreading the word and start growing your list.

Building your list needs to be your primary objective as two of my online partners will agree.

Matthew Graves of Legends Mailer and Super Charged Solo Ads knows the importance of building a list and creating excitement around a Program or Product.


Chris Atzinger, a Contact List Builder member and follower, knows the value of building his list as it secured him 9 upgrades!


Rob Gehring of Traffic Leads 2 Income Viral Mailer fame knows the importance of building a list and how the key to making this work is a consistent plan of action practiced every day, no matter what!  His consistent plan of action keeps moving him up the Leader Board.  He will be giving us all a run for our money.


Invite your subscribers to look at your program

If you want to sponsor people into your business then you need to tell them what your business is. A lot of people have concern over coming across as too “salesy” or too pushy.  It’s time to rethink this concern and learn to share with your subscribers what it is that works for you and why you do what you do.

Let’s face it, we are all Internet Marketers to some degree, we are all here using different tools and resources to drive traffic to a website in the hopes of selling a product or service or sponsoring someone into our Network Marketing or Affiliate program.

Consider instead of the salesy approach, an approach of recommendation.

You joined the business you are building for a reason, right?  You have products or services that you use and trust, right?  You do use the products or services that you buy, right?

Your subscribers want to hear why YOU are using the products and services you chose.  They want to know how they are working for you and why you recommend them.

When you recommend products and services to your subscribers and approach them from a personal point of view, you will begin to see a much bigger response.

One of the secrets to building a long term successful business is to create trust in the people you sponsor. That trust begins right at the subscriber level.  As your subscribers listen to your recommendations they will begin to try your products and services and if they receive the same benefits from your products and services as you suggested they would, they you will have a loyal follower.

Happy Marketing,


Janet Legere
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Join our Team and we’ll work with you to help YOU get on the Leader Board too!  It’s a TEAM effort!  Everyone succeeds.





Program Review: Legends Mailer

The Legends Mailer

Janet Legere & Matthew Graves have teamed up to present a Mailer with a unique twist!  A Marketing System like no other!

I am excited to take you on a pictorial journey of Legends Mailer.


It’s free to join and I highly recommend the one time offer for an annual subscription. It has the BEST value.  You can also purchase unlimited credits!

Click here to join Legends Mailer

Once registered, you will login to the members’ area to access this amazing system.

The Members’ Area

In the members area, you will find access to your Inbox where you can earn credits, the Send Mail feature where you can view your sent emails and send a new ad based on the credits you have.  You can view your downline and add your banners if you are an upgraded member.  And at the end, you will find our Secret Sauce, Be A Legend!

The main page of the members area shows you the credits you have available as well as your membership type.  It also indicates your downline which you can view separately.


The Inbox

The inbox is where you will find emails that you can click to earn credits.  As you earn credits, you can send your email ad to the members of Legends Mailer.

To earn credits, click the View link to the right of the email.



When you click View, a popup box opens with the member’s ad


You will click the link that says Click Here to Earn 30 Traffic Credits!

This will open the members website for you to view and earn credits. You will earn 30 credits for each email that you click and view.


As you click for credits, the system shows the email as “clicked”.  You will see new emails in your back office daily.

1lm16Once you have earned enough credits, you will use the mailer to reach the other members who will click your link to earn credits.

Sending Your Ads

The main purpose of Legends Mailer is that of a Viral Mailer.  You want to send YOUR ad to the growing list of members of Legends Mailer. Click on Send Mail the click on Send a New Message
1lm2A new page will load, click on the Big letters that say Send Your Message

Now you will choose a date.  You can choose today’s date or set your ad up to send in the future.




Once you select your date, you need to setup your ad.  Click on Goto Step 2 at the bottom of the page.



A Pop Up window will load where you can enter your email ad text.  You can include your url in the body or not but you must include it in the section at the bottom for Website URL.  This is the link that members will click to earn credits.  I highly recommend that you track your ads.1lm7Now you need to test your URLs, if you have more than one link in your email, you will need to test each of them even though they are all the same.  Click on Test your URL




The system will pop up your website and ask you to wait while it tests. 1lm9

When it passes the test, another popup appears to let you know.  You will click OK


Once all your URLs are tested, you will be able to send your ad, click on Approve Email to be Sent.




You can view your emails and stats under Display Sent Messages.  1lm2


 Statistically Speaking

Legends Mailer is producing Leads for me … check out these latest stats:


Be A Legend

Now we will get into the fun part of Legends Mailer, the Lead system for the Legends Network!  Click on Be A Legend to check out this unique system that is JUST coming to life.


You will be able to add YOUR Legends Network ID to the system so that the System can promote the Legends Network for YOU!  Just enter your TLN User ID into the System.  For most members, that ID is LNXXXXXX.  My id is my name because I am one of the Legends in the back office of The Legends Network 😉



Once your ID is set, the system is at work for you creating leads for you to follow up with


I am excited to unwrap more hidden gems at Legends Mailer.  if you aren’t yet a member, you will want to become part of this exciting adventure

Join Legends Mailer

Click the banner below to join today!  Whether you are with The Legends Network or not, you can benefit from the system and get your business in front of a growing list of fresh eyes!



Janet Legere
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