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Changing Lives with Now Lifestyle

Changing Lives with Now Lifestyle

Now Lifestyle is Changing Lives!

I am on a mission to help change as many lives as I can, both health and wealth. Now Lifestyle is that vehicle that is helping us change lives in a big way.

The picture below is just since yesterday, my inbox is full every single day like this.

A simple program to help you get control of your health and an even simpler program to create an abundance of wealth for you AND your family.

Now Lifestyle IS Changing Lives and we want to help change yours.


You won’t find anything, anywhere that compares to this business. Add to it our Team2Profit steps and you have an all time winner.

Leaders are pouring in … and now it’s your turn too!

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3 Simple Strategies to Mastering Viral Mailers

3 Simple Strategies to Mastering Viral Mailers

Master Viral Mailers With These 3 Simple Strategies

Viral mailers came about as an answer to the spam issue that became quite prevelant in the late 90s. My first experience with Viral Mailers was a program called Herculist and it’s still around today and still producing continuous results.

The reality is that Viral Mailers do work. There are some strategies to making the most of Viral Mailers and I will share a few of those with you here.

Strategy Number 1. Set Up

Every program is a little bit different and they all offer the ability for you to edit your profile, add a banner ad and add a text ad. Do these right away, it’s like free advertising. Members of the Viral Mailer will see your banner and text ads as they send and read emails. Remember to schedule your mailings so you take advantage of the Viral mailers you belong to. The secret to making them work is to use them consistently.

Strategy Number 2. Keep a Swipe File

Actually, keep two. One with your favourite advertising copy and one with the links and logins for your Viral Mailers. It’s so much easier and so much more efficient to keep your Viral Mailers listed in one place. Make note of the login information as well so that you are never hunting for it. Save the file to your desktop OR to dropbox.
A swipe file is simple a notepad file or wordpress document.

Strategy 3. Update Your Captures Pages

Viral Mailers are most effective when you are promoting something ‘new’. So whether it’s a new program, product or service it’s really the new Capture Page that is getting the attention of your readers. Keep your Ads and Capture pages updated. I recommend having several Capture Pages all feeding the SAME list. Your readers will arrive at the same destination and you will capture a larger market.

I hope these strategies will help you master the art of Viral Mailers. They have been the lifeline of my business for many years and continue to produce regularly.

The fact is, the Viral Mailers see new members all the time and so your ad is being presented to fresh eyes on a regular basis.

Remember, the secret to Viral Mailers is using them! Schedule and Send Your Ads, be consistent and you will see results.

One of our favourite Viral Mailers is Prospect Geyser Coop. Our Referral Contest is LIVE and active until October 31, 2015. Signup and promote your affiliate link to win CASH and Credits!

Happy Marketing,


Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

About the author

Janet Legere is the founder of the highly acclaimed ‘Contact List Builder’ training and mentoring program.  As an expert in her field, Janet can show you and your business associates how simple and powerful it can be to build good business relations online. Discover simple strategies to build a list and create your personal braind with CLB.  Visit http://www.contactlistbuilder.com/  or contact Janet at janetlegere on Skype for information on how you can benefit too

2 Steps To Reach The Leader Board

2 Steps To Reach The Leader Board

How To Reach The Leader Board In 2 Steps

It’s a question I am often asked, how is it that you are always on the top of the leader boards? My response is simple and may surprise you.

There is a reason my name is #3 on the Total Take Over Leader Board and there is a reason my sponsor, Carl Haavaldsen is in the top 10 as well. We follow a daily plan of action that works.  We send traffic to our Lead Capture page to build our list and create interest in our products and services.  Matthew Graves, Chris Atzinger and Rob Gehring are all leaders on our team who know the importance of building a list!


Two Steps to Reach The Leader Board

  1. Build a list
  2. Invite your subscribers to look at your program

Build Your List

It’s not a secret.  This is the one thing that you must do.  If you want to use the Internet to build a real business and make money online then you need to work on building a list.

My secret list building strategies are shared at my Contact List Builder with our Ready Set Go Marketing System.  Simple to setup and start spreading the word and start growing your list.

Building your list needs to be your primary objective as two of my online partners will agree.

Matthew Graves of Legends Mailer and Super Charged Solo Ads knows the importance of building a list and creating excitement around a Program or Product.


Chris Atzinger, a Contact List Builder member and follower, knows the value of building his list as it secured him 9 upgrades!


Rob Gehring of Traffic Leads 2 Income Viral Mailer fame knows the importance of building a list and how the key to making this work is a consistent plan of action practiced every day, no matter what!  His consistent plan of action keeps moving him up the Leader Board.  He will be giving us all a run for our money.


Invite your subscribers to look at your program

If you want to sponsor people into your business then you need to tell them what your business is. A lot of people have concern over coming across as too “salesy” or too pushy.  It’s time to rethink this concern and learn to share with your subscribers what it is that works for you and why you do what you do.

Let’s face it, we are all Internet Marketers to some degree, we are all here using different tools and resources to drive traffic to a website in the hopes of selling a product or service or sponsoring someone into our Network Marketing or Affiliate program.

Consider instead of the salesy approach, an approach of recommendation.

You joined the business you are building for a reason, right?  You have products or services that you use and trust, right?  You do use the products or services that you buy, right?

Your subscribers want to hear why YOU are using the products and services you chose.  They want to know how they are working for you and why you recommend them.

When you recommend products and services to your subscribers and approach them from a personal point of view, you will begin to see a much bigger response.

One of the secrets to building a long term successful business is to create trust in the people you sponsor. That trust begins right at the subscriber level.  As your subscribers listen to your recommendations they will begin to try your products and services and if they receive the same benefits from your products and services as you suggested they would, they you will have a loyal follower.

Happy Marketing,


Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

Join our Team and we’ll work with you to help YOU get on the Leader Board too!  It’s a TEAM effort!  Everyone succeeds.




Passion to Profits – How To Monetize Your Niche

Passion to Profits – How To Monetize Your Niche

PassiontoProfit (1)

Passion to Profits or How To Monetize Your Niche

Passion to Profit, the Ultimate Blogging Workshop covers the major elements your blog and marketing plan needs in order to gain readership and improve your blogs potential. As you will discover your blogs reach will determine the level of passive income your blog can deliver.

This 3 Part Live Webinar Workshop includes  Workshop 1. Passion to Profit | The Ultimate Blog Setup, Workshop 2. Passion & Persuasion | Content Strategy and Workshop 3 Passion & Profit | Monetizing Your Blog. Each session will be a full One and a Half hours of Instruction

Passion to Profit | Setting up the Ultimate Blog


Blogging when done right can be a very lucrative pass time. In other words, you can make thousands of dollars simply sharing what you love. In this Workshop we provide an overview of the must haves you need to have the greatest possible Social Media exposure. And that means money.

Passion & Persuasion | Content Strategy


This Workshops objective is to allow you to discover and experience the power of Sharing what you Love. Your content strategy must therefore align with that topic that encourages your passion to flow. When you accomplish this you will attract a loyal niche audience.

Share Passion & Profit | Monetizing Your Blog


Content Marketing is a topic that if ignored will result in lost opportunities. That means money! Content Marketing is simply learning how to share, and if done correctly, will allow you to influence others to visit your blog and share what they learn to the people they know. This Workshop is about Social Media Marketing and Monetizing your Blog. Passion Pays.

workshop-registration-300x108Limited to 25 Seats

Don’t miss out on this great course.  Get your blog working to work for you!  This LIVE Webinar series is limited to 25 seats so that we can offer the one on one service that is included with the course.

Check the details on our site

Be on the cutting edge and take advantage of this new way to make money with Any Passion and Any Niche.

Happy Marketing,


Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

Learn the Strategies of Successful Internet Marketers
Through The Contact List Builder, we show you HOW to use all these great tools to build your list and create your personal brand.  Come join the Team Who Cares!


Happy New year from Janet and Don

Happy New year from Janet and Don

Happy New Year from Janet & Don Legere


Thank you for supporting us all year.  Enjoy these gifts.  Download each file then uncompress or unzip the folder to access the files.

Download 1 – Think-Science.pdf

  • Think & Grow Rich
  • Think & Grow Rich Workbook
  • The Science of Getting Rich
  • The Science of Being Great

Download 2 – zip15000.zip

  • 15000 Article Templates on hundreds of topics

Download 3 – BonusGraphicSets.zip

  • Hundreds of graphics to use for your blog or website

Happy New Year

We wish for you, all that you wish for!

In Friendship and with Love,

Janet & Don Legere

The Contact List Builder
Skype janetlegere or don.legere

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas

from Janet & Don Legere

Don and I want to say thank you for supporting us all year, we hope you have learned a lot and we hope that knowledge has resulted in growth for your business.

We look forward to continuing to offer solid training and support to help you learn to grow your list and make money online.

May 2014 be joyfully abundant and abundantly joyful.

Thank you!


Janet & Don Legere
Skype janetlegere or don.legere

Please accept these gifts.

DOWNLOAD #1 Includes

  • The Science of Getting Rich
  • The Science of Being Great
  • Think and Grow Rich
  • Think and Grow Rich Workbook
  • AND .. Jean Hudson’s Growing Greatness!

Click Here to Download the Zipped Folder

This is a zipped/compressed file and you need to unzip/uncompress this file before opening any of the contents.


Tidy Listening by Jean Hudson

Click here for Tidy Listening PDF


15000 Articles:  These articles can be used as a guide to place on your blog or submit to article directories. NOTICE: they are only a guide, make sure to edit and put in your own words and add to as you see fit. They are simply a GUIDE!

Because there are so many, I had to break it down into 3 zipped files – Articles-A to D; E to P and Q to Z.

Articles A to D

Articles E to P

Articles Q to Z

Each file is a zipped/compressed file and you need to unzip/uncompress this file before opening any of the contents.

Enjoy and THANK you for making 2013 such an amazing year for all of us.  See you next year!

Janet & Don Legere
The Contact List Builder
Prospect Geyser Family


How To Setup A Lead Capture Page

How To Setup A Lead Capture Page

How To Setup a Lead Capture Page

Traffic Leads 2 Income to the rescue!

On my regular Friday webinar at Net Learning Academy, a unique membership site where leaders share their experiences to help you grow and where you have access to a 52 week course on creating income online.

This week, I showed our guests how to use Traffic Leads 2 Income, a program in the downline builder of Net Learning Academy, to build a Lead Capture page attached to your favourite Auto-responder.  The most time you will spend will be setting up your auto-responder.  If you have never set one up before, TL2I provides step by step instructions for some of the top Auto-responders.

It’s as simple as joining Traffic Leads 2 Income and setting up your profile, then following steps 4 through 6 to create your very own, personally branded Lead Capture page that populates YOUR auto-responder.  Build YOUR list first is what TL2I is all about.

Net Learning Academy Webinar Replay

Enjoy the replay of this live webinar at Net Learning Academy where I showed our guests in real time with Desk Top Sharing, how to create the Lead Capture Page at TL2I.  Here is the Page I created on the call

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

A New Way to Look at New Years Resolutions

Enjoy this recorded call on ‘Creating Success in 2012 Starting RIGHT NOW’

Setting Realistic Achievable Goals

It’s that time of year again when we find ourselves thinking about the New Year approaching and the Resolutions we will make for ourselves, be a a new body, new house, new car, new job.

But why do we wait until New Years to set goals?  The truth is, most of us fail miserably at sticking to any resolutions we create for the New Year.  How many gym membership are sold in January to people committed to finally getting in shape?  And how many of those same memberships are ‘vacant’ in 30 days.

What if there was a way to change this?  What if there was a way to set resolutions you CAN achieve, goals you CAN realize?  Actually realize a goal .. what a concept?

Enter Devlyn Steele of Tools to Life and his “Resolution Success System“.  10 Simple Steps to Creating and Achieving Your Goals.

Step One:  Learn and use the Resolution Success System

  • Concentrate on the System not the Goal
  • Commit yourself to learning and applying the system
  • Use the positive affirmations

Step Two:  Pick One and get it done

  • Choose something you really want to achieve
  • List your top three “resolutions”
  • Pick the one you want MOST
  • Commit to achieving the goal

Step Three:  Divide and Conquer

  • Size DOES matter
  • “The Only Way to Eat an Elephant is ___ ____ __ _ ____”
  • What can you realistically achieve in 30 days … One month
  • Commit to small goals and continually achieve them

Step Four:  The Rule of 20

  • Fundamental part – ACTION
  • 20 different actions you can take RIGHT NOW to achieve your 30 day goal
  • Brainstorming helps
  • Say each step out loud

Step Five:  Be Proud and Be Clear!

  • Don’t doubt yourself
  • Don’t hide your goals
  • tart living your dreams!
  • You CAN achieve your goals …

Step Six:  See it to Achieve it

  • You must see your goal clearly
  • Practice visualization – see yourself achieving your goal
  • Write down your visualization
  • Train your mind to see what you want!
  • Become what you think …

Step Seven:   Act as if …

  • Act as if you have already achieved your goal
  • “all the world’s a stage …”
  • Telling the truth in advance
  • Programming yourself toward success

Step Eight:  The Law of Effort

  • Make it happen
  • Visit your goal every day
  • Visualize and state it out loud
  • Pick activities from your list of 20 and DO THEM

Step Nine:  The Law of Consistency

  • Do not procrastinate
  • Start now
  • Commit to be consistent for 30 days

Step Ten:  Lather – Rinse – Repeat

  • Repeat what works
  • Update your goal every thirty days
  • Expand to every goal you want
  • Your intention must be to BE successful

Download the Resolution Success System here

You CAN set and achieve real goals using the Resolution Success System.  Commit to 30 days … as Coach Steele says “… after all, what’s 30 days?”.

Remember to post your comments, we’d love to hear how your resolutions are working.

Turning Point

Turning Point

Back from Vegas and ready to take on the world … still winding down or is it back up again?  Don and I just got back from an amazing week in Vegas.  On the weekend we attended our First Turning Point seminar with Marshall Sylver and it was truly amazing and life changing for both Don and me.

To begin the weekend, there was a get together Friday evening with the group from GVO.  It was a great pleasure to finally meet, in person, all the people I’ve been working with for the past 8 months.  Joel Therien, MikeyP,  the GVO Academy team .. Mark, Ken, Gerry and Jerry :-), Tracie and Jaime and all the GVO folks … we met so many folks from our GVO classes, it was great to put a face to all your names I see on the training calls.

The highlight of my night Friday was receiving an award from my peers as GVO Academy Trainer of the Year.  I am very honoured to receive this title and intend to hold it with pride.

Don and I came to Turning Point with some apprehension and within a few moments we both knew how powerful this weekend was going to be for us.  We heard very little that we had not heard before.  What was different was how we heard it.  Marshall Sylver has a way of getting his point across that is quite unique.

You see .. Marshall Sylver is also a hypnotist and it is through Hypnotism that he helps us to “reprogram” our thinking to get what we want in life.

Don and I both see changes  … we feel changed and WE ATE FIRE!  You will see our videos below.

We are excited about attending the First Million seminar and know there is only one way to go from here … POWER!

Janet eating Fire!

Don eating fire:

If you have the desire to make drastic change in your life and you are ready to embrace the POWER in you, contact Don or I for special seating at the next Turning Point.  We have limited tickets available for the right people.

Watch the video with Marshall Sylver and contact us at 403-274-2930 to learn how to get tickets to Turning Point.

Click PLAY to watch the Turning Point Video:

Then Contact Us!  Tickets Are Limited