Sunscreen that works

It’s almost Summer time and it’s certainly sunburn time.

Are you using sunscreen to protect your skin?  Are you concerned about all the chemicals in your sunscreen?  Shaklee offers an alternative to the retail products offered to prevent sunburn.   The Enfuselle SPF30 not only protects you from the scorching rays of the sun and from burning your skin, the Enfuselle SPF30 also softens your skin.

We’ve used the Enfuselle SPF30 for years … even on trips to the Dominican Republic and Mexico, on our Cruise and even in Hawaii, all it took was one application in the morning and our skin was well protected and we never experienced a sunburn.

Check out all the Enfuselle products at Shaklee. Click the banner below and enjoy a 15% discount as a Shaklee member. NO AUTOSHIP requirements – products shipped direct to you.

Don and I are actively seeking partners who understand the potential Shaklee offers with true long term residual income. Partner with us and Billionaire, Roger Barnett. Every time we introduce someone to Shaklee, we are furthering our goal to do all we can to help our planet.

Join our Shaklee team as a Gold Ambassador and receive our personal mentoring ($5,000 value) plus, receive a ticket to the next Turning Point event ($3,000 value).

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Become a product of your product … we can show you how!

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