Sunscreen that works

It’s almost Summer time and it’s certainly sunburn time.

Are you using sunscreen to protect your skin?  Are you concerned about all the chemicals in your sunscreen?  Shaklee offers an alternative to the retail products offered to prevent sunburn.   The Enfuselle SPF30 not only protects you from the scorching rays of the sun and from burning your skin, the Enfuselle SPF30 also softens your skin.

We’ve used the Enfuselle SPF30 for years … even on trips to the Dominican Republic and Mexico, on our Cruise and even in Hawaii, all it took was one application in the morning and our skin was well protected and we never experienced a sunburn.

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36 Replies to “Sunscreen that works”

  1. Very nice! Janet and the Girls and Shaklee!

    I live in the mountains … high altitude … no humidity … and I’ve been here for 20 years. If it wasn’t for Enfuselle moisturizing lotion I’d have no skin at all!

  2. Hi Janet,

    Thanks for the invite!

    Love your blog!

    It’s really exciting to see what my instructor is doing with what she teaches.

    You keep lifting the bar and I appreciate it.

    Very soon, I’ll be in the game.



  3. Sounds like good stuff! My wife could have used this years ago. Now she has to be treated periodically for pre-cancerous growths on face and hands. Old Sol can be awfully nice but awfully dangerous too.

    Folks, take the threat seriously and use this protection. It will be worth it to your health.

  4. oh cool. just remembered, gotta get some sun screen. but not just for Wednesday… lol

    they look like tweens. Are they?

    Arvell Lewis

  5. Great video ladies. Yes the suns rays will beat down on you like nobodies business. You gotta stay protected and make sure you hydrate as well. Looks like a great sunscreen to check out. Thanks for sharing in the fun.

    The Blakester
    Robert Blakely

  6. Hi Janet, Great video. Your girls are a natural. I try to stay inside, but if I work in the yard, sunscreen is a must. Thanks for sharing.

    Kathy Clark
    Skype: kathyrclark

  7. Hi Janet, I needed a boost today and this video did that. A product of the product.
    Yes our only four days of summer.
    Have a great weekend guys.

    Mike Inkster
    Skype: mikeinkster

  8. Hi Janet,
    Great video! Your daughters are naturals. It inspires me to overcome my “video shyness”.
    skype: stargazer2701

  9. Hi Janet, I can see how you and your girls enjoy being together on Wednesdays. Sunscreen is a must to protect the skin. Great video Janet! God bless you.

  10. Dear Janet,

    Thank you for writing and telling me about all the money making programs and you have. I just want to tell you that one of these days I will get read your programs and probably join. Right now I am very busy just didn’t have time to get back to marketing. I was a member of Herbal Life for many years. Things didn’t work out for after they changed the payplan.

    Anyway, I live on an island in the Pacific Ocean. The name of my island is Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia ( This is where I was raised. This is beautiful out here. I probably could use some of the sunscreen lotion that your girls are using. This is paradise island where I live. Make million and come visit.

    Sonny Padock
    Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia

  11. Yes I use sunscreen, here in NE Texas, it gets warm in April, and sometimes very warm in May, the sun begins to burn you if you do not wear sunscreen or a straw hat (like the one that you are wearing).
    Thank goodness for the screen.

    Have a great day and stay out of the sun.

  12. Great video, the girls are naturals.
    Shaklee and family time beautiful.
    That would make a great marketing video.
    Oops it just did!
    Way to go Janet, I hope it was a fabulous day.

  13. Hi Janet,
    That was an awesome video. I would love my sons to meet your girls. I would be interested to sell the product here in New Zealand. You have a lovely day Janet and thank you. Dana

  14. Hello Janet and the Sunshine Girls !!!

    Great info and it looks like Shaklee has another AMAZING product.
    It’s so important to get this message out to Sun Luvers !


  15. Hey 4 days of Summer that’s no fair we only have 3 days here in North Iowa.Sunscreen is so important to protect you skin from the harmful UV rays of the Sun.This looks like another awesome Shaklee product.Some of those other sunscreen products can be so much like a paste but this looks like a smooth lotion.

    Thank you and you daughters for sharing.

    Let’s Connect

  16. Hi Janet & the girls:
    Very cool the way the pop-up goes to the Shaklee site, you’re going to have to show everyone how you did that!

  17. Hi Bruce,

    The pop-up/redirect is really simple thanks to GVO and Easy Video Producer. When you upload your video to EVP, you have the ability to add a redirect url so that when your visitor watches the entire movie, you can direct them to whatever site you wish.

    Easy to use … and very effective!

    GVO is the heart and soul of our business 🙂


  18. Janet, I am not a big sunscreen guy but that needs to change. I rarely get burnt, it seems as if my skin just soaks it all up. I do, however, get tons of freckles. By the time I am 50 I will be one big freckle I am sure. Applying sunscreen is a habit I need to get use to. One question though, do you know if it prevents or protects against freckle formation?

  19. Hi Shannon,

    I am certain it would help in protecting against freckles as it does block out the nasty rays that cause them … I am the same, I turn into a big freckle unless I use sunscreen. With Enfuselle SPF30 I don’t find I have so many freckles.

    Give it a try. Best thing about Shaklee products is that they are guaranteed. Signup as a member and you’ll save 15% and there are no monthly requirements like other product based companies.

    Check out

    Let me know if you have questions, ok?


  20. Janet love the video.. very short and sweet… Of course the lovely eye candy also made it easy to watch 😀 lol… So thats your Wednesday posse huh?

    I spent three days in the sun last week and I am 5 shades darker right now… I could probably use some of this Sun screen… hmmmm…

    I loved the way it redirected to your Shakelee site… GVO’s EVP.. gotta love it!

  21. GVO is brilliant on all counts and like Shaklee, it’s a must have 😉 And yes … even you need to protect your beautiful skin! Try it, you’ll like it 🙂


  22. Hey Janet –

    Being a competitive cyclist, I go through tons of sunscreen – did I mention I live at altitude 5280… so we get some pretty intense sun rays! I will have to check it out – sounds like a great product.

    It looks like you and those beautiful daughters of yours are having a great time building your business.

    Have a blessed weekend!


  23. Janet – You are a lucky lady to spend Wednesdays with your two girls!

    They must be so proud of their super successful entrepreneur mom!

    – Ken

  24. Hi Janet and girls,
    The video was a good idea, your girls done a
    great job.
    Dean Hamblin

  25. Hi Janet,
    You have very beautiful girls and they are smart to use sunscreen and protect that young skin. They do a fabulous job promoting for you. Would love for you to look me up on FB or give me a call.

    Your Success Matters,

    Zelphina Pierson
    Mentor with a Servants Heart
    580-229-3629 (anytime)
    Skype ID – zelphina.pierson

  26. Glad to see your beautiful girls, I have 4 like
    them and very happy for you to use them as your best way to advertise your products and advise people about skin problems.
    Andre Gagnon

  27. It seems a good product Janet! Here in sunny Puerto Rico is a must to get a sunblock. Also you are right you have to be a product of your product.
    Success and Proseperity,
    Wilbert Valpais
    skype id: wilbert.valpais

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