Success in Three Steps

Success in Three Steps

Here are three simple steps that, when followed, will guarantee success:

  1. Pick a Mentor – You want to follow someone who is already successful, someone you trust, someone who will support you, someone who will be there to answer your questions and help you learn to create success
  2. Get the Recipe – Find out what your Mentor does to create success, learn their secrets, hang on their “shirt tails” and learn all you can
  3. Execute the Recipe – Once you learn the secrets, you need to put the plan into action.  Do not change the recipe, do not alter the recipe, just follow the recipe and master the steps.

Join us Saturday morning at 11:00AM Eastern and learn how to get mentored personally by Don and Janet Legere and learn to execute and master our simple recipe for success.

Our live presentation | training sessions take place online in our Hot Conference flash room.  This technology works for P.C. or Mac AND works for those on Dialup!

Login details and instructions are here:

Our recipe for success is simple.

  • Register for your own free EFB system at
  • Login to EFB And setup your system (follow the Getting Started checklist)
  • Advertise your EFB website (we teach you how on the Getting Started checklist)
  • Join us and Invite your new EFB prospects and members to our Saturday morning live presentation and training
  • Learn to followup with your EFB prospects and members to build a solid relationship and find those business builders to join your primary business (upgraded members in EFB … this is all automated for you!)

When you learn to mix the ingredients and execute the recipe, you are guaranteed to see success.  Your list will grow, your signups will grow, your income will grow … You WILL make money with our proven success model.

Don and I look forward to positively influencing your financial success in network marketing.

Earth Friendly Biz works … and works very well.

Get your own free system today and let’s get things turned around for you.  Isn’t it time you made money online?

Join today to get our personal mentoring and guaranteed results.

Make today the day you attract change …

Janet Legere
List Building Expert

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