Strategy 2 – Blog About Your Experience

Strategy 2 – Blog About Your Experience

How to Become a Ten Thousandaire

Stratey # 2 – Blog About Your Experience

What is a Ten Thousandaire?

I consider a Ten Thousandaire as someone who earns $10,000 a year in their business.

At Second Income Coach, Gerry Schroeder coined the phrase, Ten Thousandaire.  We all hear about becoming a millionaire and let’s face it, the truth of it is that most of us will never see the Millionaire we can become.

We can, however, see ourselves as Ten Thousandaires.

How do you become a Ten Thousandaire at Second Income Coach?  Well … let’s do the math.

To earn $10,000 a year, that equals $833.33 per month (10,000 divided by 12).

Would an extra $833 a month help you and your family?

To earn $833.33 a month with Second Income Coach you would need to sponsor 56 Gold Members (56 X 14.97 = $838.32).

How do you sponsor 56 Gold members?

Let’s do some more math … I LOVE math! (yep … I know LOL)

Ok so , with an average upgrade rate of 10% (and that is a very normal average for sales), you will need to sponsor 560 Free members into SIC.  10% of 560 = 56 Gold Members.

Now you are likely wondering, how do you sponsor 560 members into Second Income Coach?

Well, it’s really a matter of advertising, spreading the word.  You tell everyone you know about Second Income Coach.

It’s as simple as following what we teach in the Second Income Coach back office.

Let’s talk about some real life examples of how you can sponsor 560 people into Second Income Coach.

Stratey # 2 – Blog About Your Experience

In my last post, I talked about a simple Facebook Strategy to introduce your Facebook friends to Second Income Coach.  We talked about adding new friends and contacting existing friends and asking permission to share Second Income Coach.  Many of our member shared their results and they sponsored many new members into Second Income Coach.

Now it’s time to talk about blogging and sharing your SIC experience.  You see, when you share the tools and resources inside Second Income Coach and you share how the system works for you, it adds credibility to the system.

People want to hear from People.

People want to know what your real experience is, what are you learning, what tools are you using, what are your results.  When you write a blog post about your personal experience with a program it creates a sense of trust with your reader.

The fact is, people are more likely to join you from a recommendation than from an ad.

So blog about your experience.

Blog about the classes you attend at Second Income Coach, what you learn on each class and how it helps you to get your business in front of more people.

Did you learn about one of the resources in Second Income Coach today?  Blog about it … what exactly did you learn?  How will you use the resource?  Write about it.

Share your experience.

Whenever I do a live training call, I always ask my audience to write a blog post immediately after the call, while the information is still fresh in their minds.  Then, depending on the topic, you can write a followup post to share the results.

People love to hear what other people experience. Your experience will attract the right people to you and to your Second Income Coach business.

Be sure to end each post by inviting your reader to join you at Second Income Coach.

Recording a Video Creates More Activity

Once your post is written, you will also want to take a few moments to record a short video that summarizes your post.   You can even read your entire post if you wish, I recommend that you make is a summary.  At the end of your video, invite your listener to enjoy the post and come join you at Second Income Coach.

Share Your Post on Facebook

In Strategy #1, we talked about adding new friends to Facebook.  Now, with your new post and video, you can share it on Facebook with all of your Facebook Friends.

Post a comment on your wall with a link to your Blog and click the “Share” button on Facebook.

Share Your Post With Your Skype Contacts

You can also send your post to your Skype contacts.  Ask them to please comment on your latest blog post and video.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the response.

Email Your List

You will want to send an email to your current list of contacts using the Broadcast feature of your auto-responder.  Invite them to comment on your latest blog post and video.  This is how relationships begin.

Your subscribers and friends will read your post and get to know a little more about you each time.

Enjoy our FIRST Strategy on Adding Facebook Friends and inviting them to SIC.  CLICK HERE FOR STRATEGY #1

In Strategy #3 we will talk about using Traffic Exchanges effectively.  Till then, happy marketing!

Janet Legere
Skype me at janetlegere

7 Replies to “Strategy 2 – Blog About Your Experience”

  1. Excellent, video and post Janet. An extra $10,000/year would really make a big difference in most peoples live.
    Following your strategies will get people there. Thank you and continued success.

  2. Janet I love the post! Sometimes we make thing so complicated and we just don’t need to. Another great example of how you can break this down for anyone! This is what makes you such an amazing leader:)

  3. Sometimes we make thing so complicated and we just don’t need to. Another great example of how you can break this down for anyone. I have really learned a lot from you in a short period of time.

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