Simple Steps to Manifest What You Want I thought I’d…

Simple Steps to Manifest What You Want I thought I’d…

Simple Steps to Manifest What You Want

I thought I’d share with you what I have discovered about manifestation.

Simply put, you think about it, picture it happening in as much detail as possible, attach as much happy feeling to the thoughts as you can muster, talk about it as much as possible and think about it constantly.

Wouldn’t it be nice if …?

What does what you want look like, feel like, sound like?

In every manifestation that I created, it started with a thought and focusing on that thought to make it as big as life itself, adding happiness and joy as if what I wanted to create already happened and then … talking about it, all the time!

All year, I thought … Wouldn’t it be nice if my son and his family came home for Christmas?

I thought about it a lot. I talked about it with my two daughters, I talked about it with my husband, I talked about it every chance I got.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Dan came home for Christmas.

And then …. the thought grew.

My son confirmed he was coming home for Christmas so … I started thinking, well …

Wouldn’t it be nice if we managed to get ALL six of our children together along with all 10 of our grandchildren?

I thought about it, I talked about it, I asked people to help make it happen and it did!

We spent the 27th of December together … all of us …. my 3 children, Don’s 3 children and our 10 grandchildren.

It was everything I dreamed of …. everything and more!

Think the thought
Imagine the event
Talk about it
Think about the details of it
Feel the feeling of having it
Talk about it some more
Think about it some more
And believe it can happen!

This is how you manifest what you want!

Janet Legere
Your Happiness Coach

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