Simple Facebook Strategy

Simple Facebook Strategy

Simple Facebook Strategy

On our recent Saturday call, we had over 81 guests who wanted to learn this simple Facebook strategy. Don also talked about the lessons we can learn from the strife in the Middle East. It is all about applying this conscious growth into your life too. Janet showed us how to market effectively on Facebook with a simple invitation method. Its easy to build a strong and vibrant primary business by following these simple steps.

You can enjoy the recording of our live training call where I walked our visitors through the process to invite their Facebook friends to look at their business or system.

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This is a really simple Facebook Strategy to find people on your friends list who maybe interested in your business.  it is a non-intrusive way to make contact.

Learn To Invite Your Facebook Friends

The basic method is as follows.

1.  Go to your list of friends that show on the left side of your profile in Facebook

2.  Pick a friend you don’t know very well or have never contacted before.

3.  Visit their profile and look up their info.  Find out if they are involved in business or what they are using Facebook for.

4.  Send a message to your friend inviting them to either look at your “system” or to look at your business or product.

Facebook Message Templatesclick here to download

The key to all this is that first, you are looking up your friend and learning more about them, second, you are simply asking them if they may be interested.  You are not including any web links.

5.  When they reply to say YES, they are interested, you will follow up and send your link to your “system”, business or product.

That’s it … adapt the letters above to suit your personality as well, you will need to adapt them to suit your system, business or product.

Have fun with it.  Spend 30 to 60 minutes each day and I promise you, you will start sponsoring people into your business.

Thanks for listening, happy marketing,

Janet Legere

Our System of Choice is Second Income Coach – Where you will learn everything you need to learn to do anything you want to do online.

4 Replies to “Simple Facebook Strategy”

  1. Janet I used this Strategy for a month or so in a number of social sites I have very positive results. All it takes is a little time and effort, a couple of hours per week and wait for response. We have to follow up on the responses

  2. It’s great to see others using this simple strategy and seeing results. I noticed your name up on the SIC leader board because of it! Well done 😉

  3. Simple but effective strategy i have basically done this since i got facebook and it really works great, also keeps you social with you network 🙂

  4. The gerat thing about it is that others will recommend their friends to your service also. So contacting 30 people could generally mean 60-70.
    Also a good fearute with Facebook is that the things which you have in common with another person are listed at the top right hand side of the page.

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