Seek and Send for Skype

Seek and Send for Skype

Seek and Send Skype Messaging Tool

It’s always a sad day when programs disappear as happened to a program I’ve used for many years. ┬áMessage Magic was a great program and helped me maintain contact with my lists and keep me connected.

For the past week or so, Message Magic stopped working and I needed to find an alternative solution.

I’m excited to find a simple program called Seek and Send.

I find Seek and Send VERY simple to setup and use.

I downloaded it, loaded it and was able to send a message to my list right away.

It offers the ability to search for other Skype IDs and add them to your Skype list as well.

There is a great training video on the sales pages that shows you how simple it is.

If you are a Skype user and are missing Message Magic or you are ready to take your Skype marketing to a whole new level, then I recommend looking at Seek and Send.



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