Second Income Coach

Second Income Coach

The excitement can be felt all around … people are anxious to see the system, people are anxious to have access to this training!

There is a new way to create income from home and grow your Network Marketing business online. Second Income Coach is a funded sponsoring system designed to help you merge your Network Marketing company with Internet Marketing.

At Second Income Coach, you will learn strategies to become the BEST Network Marketer using Internet Marketing tools and resources.

Much like Earth Friendly Biz (where you learn the basics of Internet Marketing), Second Income Coach has a downline builder and complete training for the newbie and the experienced Network/Internet Marketer.

Second Income Coach is a great addition to Earth Friendly Biz.

Take the free tour today … and seriously consider the upgrade! Learn more by clicking the banner below

36 Replies to “Second Income Coach”

  1. I agree, Janet. Gerry is the BEST … and I’m REALLY excited about SIC. Most network marketers are trying to jump onto the net … it only makes sense to take advantage of such a huge pool of prospects.

    The problem is … most of those folks are using the Internet WRONG! Then, when they have trouble or things don’t turn out as good as they think they should … they blame the Internet! It’s not the Internet … It’s THEM!

    Second Income Coach can teach them the RIGHT way to use the Internet for any network marketing business.

    This is gonna be GREAT!

  2. If the training in SIC is even half as thorough as that in the other companies you’re both involved with, I KNOW it will be a great success.

    Have signed up already and will blog about it later.


  3. What Steve Gaghagen say up at he top is very true. Us ignorant newbies stumble onto the internet with high hopes and low budgets to also try to get “there”. Unfortunately we also learn in the hard way that lies and half truths are the in thing and we end up with empty pockets and torally disillusioned.
    …and then we stumble onto a fantastic opportunity like S I C and cannot afford the upgrade.
    So, good luck and maybe, just maybe one day I will manage to put something together and also make it to the top.

  4. I blieve that Mrs Janet Legere site is wonderful and has ample guide to sail in business world but i need assistence to grow my business and get some profits so i need Mrs Janet help.

  5. Best of luck with your launch. I will not be joining this program as I am in the process of launching my own Internet Marketing product.

    I’ll keep an eye on what is going on though – I would like to know more on Network Marketing


  6. Hey…Janet i loved your video, and i’m very interested in Second Income Coach. But every time i try to go to Webinar at 9pm central time, i can’t go into the room for some reason. Please get in touch with me about this issue. Thanks for all the hard work, and looking forward to working with you.

  7. Hi Janet:
    Thanks for telling us about this great business opportunities. I am going to check it out for sure. I am following your training

  8. Willem, my best advice is to use the program as a free member, follow the steps so you CAN be at the top. Even free members earn commissions.

    What is stopping you?

    I have faith you can do it!

    Skype me if you have questions ok?


  9. Hi Peter,

    If you want to learn more about Network Marketing then you really should come on board with SIC as that is precisely what you will learn.

    Let me know if you have further questions ok?

    Janet Legere

  10. Hi Victor,

    Please Skype me at janetlegere and we can discuss your computer issues and see if we can find out why you cannot get in the room.

    Did you join SIC?


  11. Hi Janet great video.
    I am quite excited about this sic program.
    I signed up immediately.
    Your video and endorsement of Gerry is a testament to two great partners I am proud to be associated with. Looking forward to July 5 2010.

  12. Hi Janet,
    Great video and I am looking forward to learn from SIC. I liked what I saw and signed up strait away.
    Once again great video and blog.

  13. Janet, the neew vidoe is great! And I am very pleased to be here at the beginning of SIC. Second Income Coach is going to be a real important part of the lives of many online Marketers. I greatly appreciate your openness in helping others succeed.

  14. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for bringing us these great programs and showing us in such a simple yet effective way how to make them all work together.

    I love the new video it is so to the point with absolutely no hype.

    Glad you’re there for us, much appreciated.

  15. Happy to help out, Yvonne,

    Let me know if you need anything or have questions.

    I highly recommend the upgrade – opens up a whole new world!


    Janet Legere

  16. All of my life I knew there was something different about me. Even my friends would tell me about it all the time. When it came down to meeting my wife online she told me the same thing. Everywhere I went people kept telling me over and over. They said Blakester your SIC.. LOL Well, I LOVE BEING SIC! Everyone should give this program a real honest look. If you are not making money online full time, evaluate what your doing, and think…. Maybe your just NOT SIC enough. Thanks for the video Janet.. Always inspiring…

  17. Yes Hector, it’s a great program with a lot of potential for anyone who puts in the effort.

    Let me know if I can help in any way,

    Janet Legere

  18. Hi Janet. This program sounds great. I get overwelmed by all these systems, but I really want to check this out.
    Thanks for doing the video

  19. The key is focusing on ONE system until you master that system, then it’s simple to incorporate other systems.

    Which system are you focused on marketing right now and are you seeing results with it? With any system, it’s all about advertising the link to attract leads through the system. Earth Friendly Biz and Second Income Coach have GREAT systems that work very well.

    Your job is to setup the system, advertise your link and followup.

    I trust that helps,

    Janet Legere

  20. Hey Janet! Looks interesting and you have never steared my wrong yet. I am going to check it out further! It was great chating with you today! Talk to you soon.

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