Safelists and Credit Lists

Safelists and Credit Lists

Do Safelists and Credits Lists Work?

I’m often asked this question about Safelists and Credit lists and the answer is always the same, yes they work and they work well.

Not all lists are created equal and I recently did a test on the lists I use regularly.

What is a Credit based list or Safelist?

A Credit based and Safe lists are membership sites where members agree to receive email ads from other members.

With a Credit based list, members earn credits to read emails and then the credits earned are used to send their own ad out to the membership.

Safelists do not often offer credits and are very effective if you spend some time testing your ads and subjects.

With Safelists you need to pay special attention to the subject as it’s the subject that draws the reader. Remember, with a Safelist, the members are not earning credits to read your email.

Top 5 List Builders

I recently ran a test with one of my ads and created a new Tracking link just for this test.  The top 5 performers over the one month period are listed below with the percentage of UNIQUE hits, which means first time visitors, and the percentage of conversions, which means how many of those visitors clicked through to join the program I was promoting.

List NameUnique HitsConversions
Viral Ad Store79%4.00%
The Lead Magnet80%3.92%
Herculist 93%3.45%
The List Auction88%2.00%
State of the Art Mailer80%1.14%

4 out of 5 of the top performers are Credit Based lists, which I expect.  I was surprised to see Herculist near the top of the list!  Herculist is a Safelist that was one of the first to come to market when Safelists became popular.

If you aren’t using these top 5 resources, I’d recommend you add them to your list of advertising resources.

Happy Marketing!

Janet Legere

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10 Replies to “Safelists and Credit Lists”

  1. Hi Janet
    This is an interesting report of safelists. I can only compare SOTAM and am amazed to find my results are much lower than this. I’ve promoted a few different things. I wonder if it’s because you are well known on the internet world or did you have an exceptional ad. Interesting… I want results like you.

  2. Hi Janny,

    Thank you for your post 😉

    The results I received were for an ad for Prospect Geyser and while my reputation may precede me, most members on S.O.T.A.M. may not have a clue who I am.

    I do know that S.O.T.A.M. is definitely one of the top lists out there.

    I would start with changing your ad or what you are promoting.

    If you need more help with this, please let me know.

    Have a GREAT day,

    Janet Legere

  3. Hi Janet, great post.
    I use 2 of those 5 , and have to admit to being a poor copywriter as I rush, even though I 100% agree:
    Herculist, still, is a great resource and does convert. State of the art mailer as well, though I am at its lowest level I have seen very positive results so far.
    I think herculist is a must have tool to compare the others to personally.
    The biggest factor I feel is the way one writes their message or ad.
    Great review, thanks ‘n’
    Make It A Great Day by Intent & Design-BrunoM

  4. Thanks for the info on Safelists Janet!

    Regarding your conversion stats, did you send people directly to your own blog, capture page, or to the programs website?

  5. Hi Janet,

    You are right Herculist is a big surprise. Thanks for the work of tracking to give us your report. I find these types of reports invaluable for tweaking my advertising. The other four I use on a regular basis but I’m going to take a fresh look at Herculist.

    Thanks for the great work.

    Stay Inspired

    Nick Grimshawe

  6. I use all those except ‘herculist’ and do not get those results. All the ‘safelists i use are credit based. If they are not credit based do you have to pay for ads?

  7. I sent them to Prospect Geyser. I used an ad to direct them to our Prospect Geyser program and the conversions are signups.

  8. Hi Estelle,

    With safelists, such as Herculist, there are free memberships and paid memberships. Your membership level dictates how many members your ad reaches and how often you can email. They also offer paid solo ads.

    I am an upgraded member at Herculist and can send my ads once a day.


  9. Hi Nick,

    Herculist was a surprise to me as well – a very nice surprise!

    Tracking your ads is so important so that you know what resources work and what ads work 🙂

    Tweaking is sometimes needed.



  10. Thanks for the report Janet.
    Herculist is the only one I do not use. I
    am on my way to signing up for it.
    I do know that being upgraded does make
    a difference in the results.
    Your advise is always welcome and appreciated.
    Many blessings.

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