Resolution Success System

Resolution Success System

It was over 7 years ago that I met my life coach and mentor, Devlyn Steele. It was by chance we met … well, that’s not really true as nothing is by chance, the truth is … I was looking for someone like Dev, but I digress.

We did meet by chance through my list building efforts and a case of mistaken identity. We had a conversation via email which extended to Yahoo where I realized this was not the same Coach Steele I thought I was chatting with.

This was a much different Coach Steele.  You just never know WHO you will meet when you focus on building your list 🙂

My life went down a brand new path as of that day. Dev introduced me to his Tools to Life program and I avidly participated and finished the 11 week program (77 days).  It’s been a heck of a journey and one that continues today.

Devlyn went on to take his great Tools to Life program and created an online resource that he opened up to the general public as a “self-help”, self-directed program with a social network and support network attached.  A System that could really work … and it does work!

Dev has also written and published many articles, reports and ebooks and my favourite is the reason for this post today … ‘The Resolution Success System’.  This 14 page ebook is one book that CAN change everything for you … if you let it.

Inside The Resolution Success System,  you will learn how to set and Achieve your goals in 10 easy steps that focus on simple actions that are proven to work.

Affirmations, Speaking your goals Out LOUD … simple techniques that generate amazing results.

The TEN steps covered in The Resolution Success System are:

  1. Learn and Use the System
  2. Pick One and Get it Done
  3. Divide and Conquer
  4. The Rule of 20
  5. Be Proud and Clear
  6. See it to Achieve it
  7. Act As If
  8. The Law of Effort
  9. The Law of Consistency
  10. Lather Rinse Repeat!

That’s it … 10 simple steps to set and achieve ANY Goal.

I invite you to invest the next 30 days and follow these 10 steps with the Resolution Success System.

Download a Copy of Resolution Success System Here

I encourage you to make a commitment and post your comments on this post.  It’s the first step to making all this work … commitment.

I look forward to helping you grow.

Have a great day,

Janet Legere
Internet Training Expert

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