Removing Red Wine Stains

Have you ever tried to remove red wine from a white sweater?

On Sunday we had a large family BBQ for Mother’s Day and as is customary at our functions, some red wine was served.

We all know what red wine can do to a white anything, especially a white sweater.  Red wine stains are very difficult to remove.

Well as it happens, my daughter Tina spilled some red wine onto her favourite black and white stripped sweater.

She immediately removed the sweater and her sister Brenda said … hey let’s clean it with Nature Bright and do a before and after video.

You may be surprised at the results.  Watch the before, during and after videos below

The Movie – the Red Wine Stain!  Brenda Szgatti demonstrates how to mix 1/4 scoop of Nature Bright into a cup of warm water and spread over the Red Wine Stain.  Half way through the wait time … 2 minutes into the “soaking” we check the stain and spread a bit more nature bright.   4 minutes of soaking and you can be the judge!

Nature Bright is part of the Get Clean line from Shaklee.   Get started today with a Shaklee Get Clean Starter Kit – Over $3400 in Value – Saving the Planet and Saving Money While Making Your Home Clean and Safe!

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  • Keep 108 pounds of packaging waste from landfills.
  • Eliminate 248 pounds of greenhouse gas.

A special thank you to Keaton Cunningham for manning the camera 🙂

19 Replies to “Removing Red Wine Stains”

  1. Fantastic job on the stain removal process.
    Shaklees Nature Bright product looks like a wonderful product. I think I am going to have to get me some.

  2. Great demonstration of the power of Nature Bright. I find new uses for this product and Basic H2 every day. Get Clean products are the only cleaners that I use in my home. Floors, windows, laundry, dishes and more. I even used Basic H2 to strip multiple layers of wallpaper. I have never been disappointed with their performance.

  3. Janet always your a wealth of information !!!
    You should team up with my wife Cathy…she’s lovingly known as Stain Master Queen. All of our daughter’s friends come to her when their favorite clothes are stained and Cathy always performs magic for them and I’m sure she’ll be impressed by this video.


  4. Janet –

    Now this is a very cool demo and as a red wine drinker… well what can I say, I could have used that once or twice over the last year! Seriously a great example of the cleaning and stain removal properties of natural and organic products.

    Thank you for sharing this!


  5. Have any of you heard of Wine Away red wine stain remover? I’ve used it for years, and love it! Because it works on other stains besides wine (coffee, colas, blood, jams/jellies), I always keep a bottle under my sink, and one in the laundry room as a pre-treatment. No mixing required, and it works on old stains, too.

  6. Thanks for the tip, Sharon.

    I am wondering as I know our readers are too, is this Wine Away all natural and non-toxic? Is it safe for our babies, ourselves, our homes and our planet like Shaklee Nature Bright is?

    I’m curious as I’ve not heard of Wine Away before.


  7. Hey Janet,
    Practical information delivered in a fast fun way.
    I love it! Thanks for sharing and caring as always.

    P.S. Your daughters are really getting good at this video thing.

  8. Great job showing the power of Shaklee’s non toxic cleaners Janet! A lot of people think green cleaners are not as powerful…Nature Bright and Basic H2 prove them wrong, they are more powerful:). Love it.. My daughter is a softball catcher & their uniforms have white pants. 1/2 way through the season and we still have white pants:).

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