Viral Mailers and Solos

Viral Mailers and Solos

Recommended Advertising Resources

On this page, you will find some of the best advertising resources that bring the best results as far as we have tested.  There are many resources available and I recommend that you contact your upline and ask them what resources they use to bring them new leads and new members into your business.

TIP:  The resources below work best when you are directing readers to a Lead Capture or Squeeze page – someplace where your visitor must leave their email address for future follow up!  This is a critical piece.

These are the resources that work for me

  • Udimi Solo Ads & MLM Leads
  • Viral Mailers

Udimi Solo Ads

Solo Ads are the fastest way to build your list and your business. Udimi is a system of solo ad providers where you can choose from different providers. Your solo ad is sent to the solo sellers personal list of subscribers.  When purchasing a solo at Udimi, all you need is a link to your capture page, the solo provider takes care of the rest. If you have your own ad that you prefer to use, you can include that as well.


MLM Leads

There are many advertising sources available at MLM Leads and the resource we find most success with is the Auto-Pilot Traffic, National. We see upwards of 55% optins. many free members and regular upgrades. You are purchasing clicks to your website and their system works very well.

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Viral Mailers

Viral Mailers have been on the market for many years and are as effective today as they ever were. These are my top picks of where to spend your advertising dollars, either to purchase solo ads, credits OR to upgrade your membership.

A Viral Mailer is a membership site where members agree to receive email ads from other members.

When you join a Viral Mailer, you are agreeing to receive these emails and in turn, you are able to send your ad to the Viral Mailer members.  How many members and how often you can send your email will depend on each individual Viral Mailer.

Before you begin, PLEASE create a Gmail email address just for your Viral Mailers. This will prevent any email headaches 😉

NOTE:  When joining Viral Mailers, PLEASE follow these steps

  1. Signup
  2. Setup your Profile
  3. Setup your Banner Ad
  4. Setup your Text Ad
  5. Send Your Ad
  6. Schedule your next ad
  7. Make note of the safelist login and scheduled mailing

Do not join another Viral Mailer until you setup and use each one. If you belong to many Viral Mailers already, make a list of them and start organizing your scheduled mailings.  With Viral Mailers, it is especially critical that you advertise regularly so that the members/readers become familiar with your name!

If you follow those steps, you will avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Below are the 5 Viral Mailers that we personally own and manage, Inside our mailers, you will find a downline builder with a list of our top recommended mailers.

  • Prospect Geyser
  • Prospect Geyser Coop
  • PG Viral Mailer
  • Genie Mailer
  • All Pro Mailer

Prospect Geyser

Prospect Geyser Coop

PG Viral Mailer

Genie Mailer

All Pro Mailer



3 Replies to “Viral Mailers and Solos”

  1. Hello Janet,
    I recently signed up for Herculist as a Pro member. I have accumulated over 4000 credits from viewing other members websites and ads. I cannot seem to find anything in the Back Office of Herculist that explains how to use them. Could you share some light on where I might find that info or could you tell me? Thank you

  2. I believe you can use those credits throughout the other programs such as List Volta.

    Not the answer you were hoping for, I know.

    I also recommend that you send in a support ticket and ask how to use those credits 😉

    Keep us posted ok?

    Janet Legere

  3. I know this is a late reply, but I hope it helps…

    Credits at Herculist, you can use them to create “Blurbs”

    When you have logged into herculist, under menu, on left hand side, you will see “Hercublurb”, above it “Click Here for New” Click it and submit your Blurb.

    They get submitted on the right hand side of the page with other members “Blurbs”

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