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Safe-Swaps Provides Results

Are you looking for an effective way to build your list but are tired of clicking for credits day in and day out?

Safe-Swaps offers an affordable solution to get your list growing fast.

Safe-Swaps is one of a kind web based platform to manage your ad swaps, buy solo mailings or even sell your own solos.


I’ve been a member of Safe-Swaps for over a year and started actively using the Solo Ad feature.  What I really like is that I can check the ratings of members before I choose to buy a solo ad.

Do Solo Ads Work?

I decided to track my latest solo ads that I purchased and I was very impressed. Check out these statistics



I was so impressed with the results … 54.88% conversions!  NINETY new subscribers!

Here is an example of an Ad “Swipe” I setup for a Solo and Swap at Safe-Swaps

SUBJECT:  {recipient},  did you get Janet’s invitation?


Hi {recipient},

{sender} here and I am wondering
if you received Janet Legere’s  invitation
to look at her Contact List Builder  yet?

Janet is excited to be celebrating 10 years
of service to the online community with
their Contact List Builder program.

I invite you to take a look and come
check them out.

Then Skype Janet at janetlegere and she
will be happy to talk about YOUR business
and how CLB can help, ok?

Thanks for looking, have a great day,


“A Plan Without Action Is Not A Plan” Janet Legere

As you can see from my ad, I have it written so that it appears to be from the list owner.  I find this method works very well with Ad Swaps and Solo Ads.

The Safe-Swaps system actually creates it’s own tracking link so that you can tell how your ad is doing.

With a Solo Ad, you pay for Clicks and you can find affordable solos for $36 to $40 for 100 clicks which could amount to more than 50 subscribers on your list!

One thing I really like about Safe-Swaps is that members RATE other members solos and swaps as you can see by this snap shot of my solos I purchased.

I purchased 200 clicks from a member with 231 Positive Ratings who over-delivered by 86 clicks!

safeswaps ratings

Safe-Swaps is a Paid Membership site. Once you become a member, you can search the membership for available and affordable solos and if you do your homework and check the reliability of the list owner, you can feel confident in your results.

Here is an example of a members profile and rankings (I’ve blanked out any personal data)


And here is a snap shot of MY profile and ratings from other members


I highly recommend Safe-Swaps as a reliable resource to quickly build your list. Always make sure you check the reliability of the list owner before purchasing Solo ads.


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