Program Review of Supercharged Solo Ads

Program Review of Supercharged Solo Ads

Supercharged Solo Ads

While it is still early days, early results are VERY positive for Supercharged Solo Ads, a new Solo Ad service by Internet Marketing expert, Matthew Graves.

When Matthew first launched Supercharged Solo Ads, I was skeptical that he could deliver the guaranteed 1,000 clicks per solo and he said, NO PROBLEM!

I was still skeptical until I checked the results from my first two solos!

1609 Clicks
37 Conversions (signups)

Keep in mind, all clicks have not yet been delivered.

I am expecting another 400 clicks which should deliver another 9 or 10 signups.


$14 if you purchased the individual solo offer (promo for $7 each), OR if you upgraded to an annual membership the cost is $4.11 each solo, so $8.22

At my cost of $8.22, my new signups cost me .17 each or so.

I dare you to find better elsewhere!

I’d say Super Charged Solo Ads really are Super Charged!  So much so that I added this great new program to our Prospect Geyser Coop downline builder.

Grab your account today and check it out.  Upgrade right away or grab a Solo and check it out for yourself.

This is will definitely make my TOP TEN for 2013 … in fact, it may even make it to #1!

Happy Marketing,


Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

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6 Replies to “Program Review of Supercharged Solo Ads”

  1. Janet,

    Thanks for introducing me to Matthew. I have found his solos always pull.
    He is a very attentive guy too.. wonderful combination there.
    I give his site a major thumbs up.
    Great value.

    Tina Mclelan Schraier

  2. Very helpful. I would also recommend Udimi as it is a great place to buy and sell solo ads. I got high quality clicks with high conversion rates.

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