Program Review: Apsense Business Network

Program Review: Apsense Business Network

Janet Legere Reviews The Apsense Business Social Network

Advertising online seems to be a constant struggle for most Internet Marketers.  Finding good places to advertise that won’t break your bank account.

There are many resources out there, some new, some tried and true and Apsense is one of those Tried and True Business Social Networks that is a cut above all the rest.

Apsense is a leader in Business Social Networks

I’ve been a member at Apsense since it first came out and almost embarrassed to say that I paid little attention to it.  Fact is, I’d get the daily Solo Ads and click them, earn the $.05 and think … hmmm, I wonder what this Apsense is all about.

I frequently saw Jane Mark’s name and ads in the system and when you see Jane Mark (Sokule) is using and advertising resource, you know there has to be more to it.

And so I decided to take the time and venture inside Apsense and was I ever amazed at what I found hiding inside this powerful Business Social Network.

Even as a free member, you can earn credits and cash and connect with a LOT of other online marketers.  It’s a great place to present your business to people who are interested in it.

You can create your profile (we all know how important a profile can be), you can create a private network of your own contacts.  You can create groups and write articles much like other networks and what I like most about Apsense is the ability to create what they call REV pages.   There is free and paid advertising, you can earn credits and give credits to others.

Upgraded Members Have Added Benefits

The activity I created in a few days on the system was amazing.  I was so impressed that I upgraded right away and I am currently working on updating my business center and my profile as well as creating new Rev pages for the programs I am part of.  I am so excited about the potential at Apsense, especially as an upgraded member.

I encourage you to come and have a look … as I mentioned, even as a free member you will be able to make amazing contacts with all the right people.

Watch this amazing flash presentation and see if you aren’t as impressed as I was:

Then decide to come on board with Apsense today and get YOUR business in front of new hungry eyes!  Click the banner below to JOIN NOW.

9 Replies to “Program Review: Apsense Business Network”

  1. Thanks for the heads up Janet. There are SO many social networks targeted at small business owners that sometimes it can be hard to find the networks that are really worth you time. I will add that to my checklist:) Thanks for you great info as always! Where would we be without you!


  2. Thanks Karen, I do my best to share only the best … and I am excited with the results I am seeing at Apsense. Like any program or Social network, it’s a lot about setting up your profile and using the system. Apsense has lots of bits and pieces to it and it’s very effective.

  3. Hi Janet,

    it is great to see you talking about this opportunity. I am not the best at social media, to be honest, and am always registering and leaving them… Thanks for giving me an inspiration, I think it is definitely something I will get involved in.


  4. Hi Janet,
    I have been in apsense for long time, just haven’t been very active. I am not good in social networking.Need to come out of my cave,lol 🙂 Herman the Hermit

  5. Hi Herman,

    Sometimes coming out of our shells is the hardest part. Congratulations for facing it head on! Social networks are the simplest place to come out of your shell. All you need to do is say hi 🙂 You can do it! We can help

  6. Hi Janet,

    Apsense is my number one business social network site. I love all the ways you can use it to promote your business and yourself. I’m guilty of not using it enough and your video reminded me I need to get back to the site and get to work.


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