Professional Auto Responder For Business

Professional Auto Responder For Business

What is an Auto-Responder

An auto responder is a lead capturing system that is an integral part of an online business.

It usually takes a combination of an investment of time, marketing effort and money to accomplish a stream of people finding your website on the internet. It is therefore quite understandable that getting maximum value out of every single visitor to your website is paramount in the long term success of your venture.

Auto Responders Build Good Relationships

It is common practice to gather details of website visitors and to follow up with a promotional newsletter or information. One way to do this is to use an auto responder to build a mailing list. An auto responder is a promotional tool that automatically handles email subscriptions to your newsletter or mailing list, while building a database of all visitors who join the list.

Statistics shows that most people will not buy something online on first contact. The generally accepted standard is that it takes around 7 contacts before someone makes a buying decision. In other words, you may do all the work to get someone to your website, but if you don’t implement some way to keep in touch with them and expose them to your product again and again over time, your initial effort may well have been wasted.

An auto responder takes care of this by being the vehicle with which you can capture leads and keep in touch with them.

Always look for a service that provides you with unlimited Auto responders for a flat fee. This takes care of all future expansion of your enterprise, and these days this sort of service has become very affordable.

Professional Auto Responder A Must Have

Having an auto responder system as part of your online business is virtually non-negotiable. If your webhost can provide you with easy access and help in setting up such a lead capturing system in order to maximize your profit and save you money, then you probably found the right place to host your business as well.

Affordable Solutions for Auto Responders

At Host Then Profit, the new division of GVO, you can get a complete professional auto responder PLUS web hosting PLUS video hosting PLUS more! At only $9.97 a month, everyone can now afford to have their own website. Get started for free below.


17 Replies to “Professional Auto Responder For Business”

  1. Yes, an autoresponder makes a huge difference, and it sure is great when you know you have a flat fee. That takes the pressure off you during slow times.

  2. One of the key tools for anyone wanting to do business on the Internet is an autoresponder. It also is one of the most misunderstood tools among those new to the Internet Marketer – and sometimes even for those who have been online for many years. Autoresponders are not difficult to set up, even those that offer several levels of capability across a broad range of possible applications. Most autoresponders often come with tutorials – some of them video – that walk you through the set-up process step-by-step. Many also have user forums or support systems that will help you if you get stuck.

    Anyone who thinks they may someday want to have a mailing list or sell any kind of product – especially digital, such as downloadable software or e-books – should make autoresponders one of their first and most important tasks. The more you know about them in advance, the more prepared you will be to quickly and efficiently get your business online.

  3. Keep up the great work Janet.. Helping us succede and teaching us what to and not do… is in itself a task… is a blessing to have a honest somewhat mentor like you… Thanks

  4. Janet is without a doubt professional and honest. She knows what she is talking about here. If Janet recommends something you should be listening. I consider Janet a blessing in my life. She is an exceptional mentor to follow. I appreciate you Janet and consider you a friend that I have not met and trust you, Keep us motivated.
    Thank you for all you do.

  5. Thanks Janet for all your help. One day I am going to understand everything (I hope).
    Keep up the good works you do. You do help a lot of people and we sincerely thank
    you for it.

  6. Janet…it is great being part of you team. Only wish I could make more of your Webinars. Thanks again for all you advice and leadership. Paul

  7. Janet, another Great job of explaining why you need a Marketing Tool,and the benefits of using that Mareting Tool.Thanks for the info Keep the info Coming!

  8. Good post Janet,

    I have the GVO package and it is an excellenty way to get all the tools you need for an online business.


    PS Thanks for the credits

  9. It’s refreshing to read a genuine review for the first time in quite a while. But, we all know to expect this from anything Janet Legere writes. This particular article on autoresponders is great not only for mentioning Host the Profit but also for discussing autoresponders in general, their qualities and why we need them. I always appreciate your writing, Janet. You’re a wonderful example to all of us. Thanks again so very much!

  10. Hello Janet,having been a long time follower of sorts I should be using more of your excellent advice,but it so hard to teach an old dog new tricks.I have found PGC on
    of your best programs.Currently I am recovering from a major downsize in our
    accomodation and have little online time for surfing

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