Praise for Get Stuck On Happy: Steve Gaghagen: You are…

Praise for Get Stuck On Happy:

Steve Gaghagen: You are holding in your hands a simple, yet powerful road map to happiness. Janet has created that map based on her own journey and her years of helping others in business and in their personal lives. I’ve known Janet and Don for about 13 years at this writing, and I’ve watched this book come to fruition over that time. The ideas and practices you’ll find here are those Janet has been teaching and practicing for many years. In the days when "The Morning Motivator" was a daily program, I experienced, personally, the power of many of these same teachings. I can tell you, if you follow these simple practices, your life will change for the better. Personally, I need to thank Janet for writing this book. Reading it the other day was the reminder I needed to start "thinking on purpose" once again. So thanks, Janet. The book is wonderful and has a beautiful purpose to it. For you folks about to read it, as Janet says, "CAUTION: Side effects may include: more laughter, more loving feelings, more happiness, more glee, more joy, and a lot of giggling … Proceed at your own risk!"

 Get Stuck On Happy
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