Our Anti-Aging Experience

Our Anti-Aging Experience

Video above was taken on April 23, 2010

Have you heard all the reports about Resveratrol?

Resveratrol DOES work … at least, Don and I are surely seeing some phenomenal results taking it and these results are continuing from day to day.

Below is a journal of our changes.

Day 6 – first entry

I am experiencing some life changing moments right before your eyes and mine.


In the last 6 days since I started taking VIVIX (exclusive to Shaklee Independent Distributors), my body feels different … my skin is tighter …. my wrinkles are disappearing … Don’s wrinkles are disappearing (what few he had lol) …. we both have muscles forming (ones we misplaced a while ago) …. our bodies are becoming younger – and that’s not hype nor made up.

This is OUR real experience and I’ll admit I am as surprised as you … well ok, maybe not as I already had a fundamental belief in the science behind this product.

BUT … and that’s not a word I use lightly … I honestly have SO much more energy …. at first I thought it was my imagination and then I started to notice visible physical changes in Don … noticeable lines were visibly gone … and I noticed other changes and thought … hmm …

Does Don see those same changes in me? And sure enough … he does.

I can feel muscles in my stomach I forgot I had and I lost 5 pounds … and trust me it’s not from extra situps or anything like that …

Day 9

The changes continue, what we are noticing most is the elasticity of our skin. Our skin has turned taut again. Don and I are both feeling much more energy as well. Our bodies appear to be reshaping and we can only imagine what is going on at the cellular level.

Our changes are visibly noticeable by others and tomorrow we finish our first bottle of VIVIX ! I can’t wait to see how we’ll feel in a month 😉

Day 17 – our camping experience

That’s right, Don and I just got home from spending 5 days camping in Northern Manitoba. We spent time with family on 35 beautiful acres of pure raw nature. We went horse back riding, rafted down the river on inner tubes and walked back UP the river against the current and played games all week with the kids.

For those who don’t know me, I have a slipped disc in my back and it causes me some great pain. While I still have some pain in the morning, I’m noticing my ‘recovery’ time (the time it takes for me to be fully mobile in the morning) is becoming less and less every day. Even after an 11 hour drive home … today my back is feeling a bit tired but just a bit tired.

Today is Day 17 of VIVIX and I am feeling like I am 25 again and that’s no lie. In fact I have more energy now than I did at 25 as I had two little kids … I find myself doing a double take when I pass a mirror – I almost don’t recognize me.

And I’m seeing changes in Don, his body looks young again like when I met him (10 years ago) … and he too feels more energy.

One thing we both noticed is that we do not run out of breath doing things that would normally have us panting. We can both carry large loads easily … our strength has increased noticeably.

What’s really great is that the family we just spent time with watched us change before their eyes and believe me … they are anxious to get their hands on this life extending tonic.

Day 20 – A visit to our Chiropractor

Three weeks on VIVIX and the changes are dramatic at this point.  My daughters keep saying, I can’t believe how young you look.

Yesterday, Don and I had our regular Chiropractic visit.  It had been two weeks since our last visit and in that time, we went on a week’s vacation to Manitoba as described in my last post.  I was anxious to hear how my back fared as it was feeling pretty good.

For those that don’t know, I have a slipped disc in my lower back that causes me great pain and sciatic issues.  It has been a continuous issue for the past 2.5 years.  My Chiropractor has been helping as much as she can to keep my back healthy and mobile.

Yesterday, after my adjustment I asked her how my back was and she said … “it actually feels pretty good, it’s fairly loose (on my last visit it was anything but loose) and there was one area that was out but it adjusted easily”

At this point I said … well let me tell you about my week last week and I explained all about our trip and our 11 hour car ride home … she looked at me and said … “there’s no way I’d have guessed …”

Day 22 – overwhelmed

I am now at a loss for words to describe what is happening to us.  It’s not my imagination and I surely don’t expect others to see these rapid results but the results are real for Don and I.

In just 3 weeks on VIVIX™, we have completely changed.  Our friends who were sceptics can’t deny the change.  They just stare at us in amazement.

This morning I noticed further changes.  The ‘age’ spots under my eyes (right on my cheek bones) have faded … under my right eye they are almost gone, the left not far behind.   I actually have cheek bones again and eye sockets … no puffy dark eyes.  My eyes look young.

And then I noticed my neck.  There is no loose skin and the discoloration I had has almost disappeared on the sides of my neck.  I tend to freckle and with sun exposure the ‘freckling’ is enhanced and some of my more exposed skin had “permanent” freckles (ok maybe they were age spots … lol).  Bottom line … my skin is looking younger and the tone is even and soft … I have NO wrinkles left …

Day 27 – my hair is healthier

I went to my hairdresser last night for my usual cut and colour.  She noticed my hair was different.  I said, does it feel thicker?  She said, yes and healthier.  I mentioned that Don had noticed the sink was no longer full of hair every day and I realized I hadn’t been seeing handfuls of hair in the shower.

I was growing quite concerned with my hair and even with the ProSante hair treatment, my hair continued to fall out.   Going bald was not a pleasant thought for a woman of 54 years young.

I have very fine, thin hair and not much of it so it’s really easy to notice a change.  My hairdresser noticed it … and I’m continuing to notice my hair feeling fuller and healthier.

Don and I are both continuing to notice changes in our bodies.  Don looks like he’s been at the gym lifting weights for the last 6 months.  Age spots on my face are all but gone at this point, I started keeping a close eye on a cluster of spots just on my cheek bones (cheek bones I forgot I had till 2 weeks ago!).

My dimples are back … forgot I had so many – Don loves it!

Our bodies are becoming young again … everywhere 😉

We can’t wait to see what the next month brings.  Our friends, family and the biggest sceptics are all willing to try VIVIXfor a month.

10 Weeks 4 Days

I’m at a loss for words for all that Don and I are experiencing … the changes above continue to happen as our bodies continue to change and evolve.  We both have a lot more energy and stamina as was evident on our trip to Hawaii (we just returned!).  I traveled well, my back was hardly an issue in fact, we walked at least 10 to 15KM every day, walked up the 5 flights to our room most times (except when carrying baggage) and not once did we lose our breath.  In fact, I remember commenting to Don when I got to our floor … look, I’m not even breathing heavy … it was like I’d just walked on a straight path a few feet … it was amazing.

One Year and Eight Months Later

Has it really be that long?  I was reading over our results that Don and I experienced with VIVIX and realized how much we’ve changed since that 10 week mark.

Our skin is continuing to get more resilient, not less.  My skin on my neck has tightened up.

Don and I are asked continually … h0w do you stay looking so young!

My answer is simple … VIVIX … the proof is in experiencing it for yourself!

My two girls have been watching us deage over the last 20 months and they are both now taking VIVIXeveryday and both feel the same energy and stamina that most members feel when taking VIVIX

While these results are typical they are not guaranteed.  Your results may vary.

These are physical changes I am experiencing directly resulting from my daily dose of VIVIX

Don and I are so anxious to spread the word of VIVIX and invite you to call us and find out how you can get your’s today. Remember, VIVIX is only available through your Shaklee Independent Distributor. Don and I can show you how to maximize this very large NICHE market today and help create no only a longer, healthier life but the finances to afford it!

I will continue to journal my experience here as well I’ll get some photos and videos up online very soon. Please stay tuned. Don and I are pretty excited about this, I can tell you that!

If you want to know how to get your own supply of VIVIX , call us at 403-274-2930 or visit http://legere.myshaklee.com

Contact me as soon as you can so we can get you started on the road to Cellular Anti-Aging!

Have a great day,

Janet and Don Legere
Shaklee Independent Distributors

Calgary, Alberta
Call us at 403-274-2930

Don and Janet Legere Shaklee Cruise February 2008
Don and Janet Legere Shaklee Cruise February 2008

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    I am interested in Vivix. I am from the Philippines. Is there a shaklee here? Thanks…

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