New Book Title

New Book Title

Choosing a Book Title

After attending the Robert Allen seminar in San Diego, I realized I needed to do more work on my book title.

Of the ten titles I worked on in San Diego, the following three stood out from the crowd of 10 strangers we approached. I decided to take the same strategy and apply it to my online connections and see how you voted. Of 11 votes, 3 chose #1 4 chose #2 and 4 chose #3, yet the results here online are much different.

Below are the titles and the votes received online:

  1. How to Have Fun Making Money – 6 Votes
  2. Find Your Passion – Find Your Fortune – 15 Votes
  3. Fun & Frolic Your Way to Millions – 3 Votes

As of this posting, the votes to August 10 are 24

I appreciate YOUR votes and ask for you to post your choice in the comments section of this post. I’d love to read your comments as well and any suggestions you may have for titles.

Reg Whelan suggested “Find Your Passion – Choose Your Lifestyle”. Feel welcome to cast your vote for this title as well.

I am excited, are you?


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  1. I know I already voted but I really like the 2nd one!! I think it’s so exciting you are working on a book. Your mindset and strategies will help sooo many people. Keep up the good work as always Janet!!

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