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More Ping Services Equals More Web Traffic To Your Blog!

SPECIAL THANKS to our partner, Steve Gaghagen for this great article … please read it through and take action immediately … this one tip can change the results you receive insantly!

Here’s Something Anyone With A WordPress Blog Should Do … It’s Easy, Free, and Brings More Web Traffic To Your Blog!

Have you heard of “Pinging”?

If you’ve been blogging for a while you probably have. Pinging is one of the ways we can all get more web traffic to our blogs … and web traffic is what it’s all about, right?

Are you aware of just how many Ping Services there are? There are TONS of them, and you should be using them all.

Now I can hear what you’re thinking … “Oh here’s another thing Steve’s gonna want me to do that’s going to take HOURS to set up!”

Nope … if you’ve got your WordPress blog set up and hosted on your own domain in your GVO account (See the “Getting Started” page of this site) … this little web traffic enhancement is going to take you 5 minutes.

So OK … here we go:

First … What is a “Ping”?

Every time you update your blog with a new post, WordPress can send out a signal to Search Engines and Blog Directories that there’s been a change on your blog. That signal is called a “Ping”. When a Search Engine or Blog Directory receives a Ping, it will send out its “Spiders” to “crawl” your blog. Spiders are like the electronic tentacles of the search engine that “crawl” through your blog gathering words and phrases to be “indexed” and associated with keywords used in searches by other folks online.

By default, WordPress is set up to ping each time you update with a new post or page. However, it only pings ONE source! What we’re going to do here is a simple step that will configure your blog to ping 112 online sources! This is going to be easy for you since I’ve already done the research, found the ping sources, and codified them into a list that you can simply copy and paste into your WordPress Dashboard following these directions. The more your blog Pings to more different sources of Spiders, the higher you’ll rank in the various search engine indexes. The higher you are in those indexes, the more search engine generated web traffic you’ll receive.

Make sense?

So … here are some very simple instructions you can follow to get your WordPress blog set up to maximize your pinging … and generate more traffic to your blog:

(NOTE: If your blog privacy settings are set to block spiders, you’ll have to change that setting first. You shouldn’t have it set this way anyway, it really puts a crimp on getting people to your blog … but some themes may default to that position. To make sure you’re set up there, go to SETTINGS>PRIVACY in the left hand menu of your dashboard. You’ll only see two choices there. Make sure “

1) Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

2)  At the bottom of the menu on the Left Hand Side, under the heading “Settings” … Select “Writing”.

3) In the “Update Services” window you’ll find there, copy and paste the following list of Ping Services:

4) Click “Save Changes”.

THAT’S IT! You’re done!

From now on you blog will ping ALL of these services each time you post. This will invite the spiders to crawl your site and will aid greatly in generating traffic to your site.

That’s today’s Blogging Tip … Hope you find it useful.

Have a GREAT Day!

Steve Gaghagen
Internet Marketing Expert & Trainer

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