Message Magic Enhances Skype

Message Magic Enhances Skype

Message Magic Enhances Skype

Word is out about the upcoming launch of GVO Conference in 5 languages and it has caused us all to start thinking about effective ways to make new contacts in other countries using social networking.

Message Magic is a program that works with Skype to find contacts based on specific search criteria that the subscriber enters.   I’ve been a member since it came out and it wasn’t until recently that I started really using Message Magic.

Thanks to my online partners, Deb Lane and Stephanie Remers for bringing these critical points to the forefront.  The fact that one can source out individuals in other countries is critical to a successful launch of GVO Conference which is launching soon in 5 languages!  Russian, German, Spanish, French and of course, English.

Message Magic is fairly easy to use and you will find detailed step by step instructions both in print and video inside the members area.

One of the first things discussed in the written instructions is the importance of starting out organized!   What a concept, eh?   It is suggested that before you even begin to use this product, if you are a current Skype user, to make sure all your existing contacts are categorized, like friends, family, people who are in your specific programs, etc.

Deb and Steph pointed out something that really stands out about this tool and that is the auto translate feature. Imagine typing a message in your language, then with a simple click of your mouse, your message goes out to your contacts in THEIR language!

We sure see this being a huge benefit to enhance our ability to promote the new GVO Conference in other countries.

Please take the time allotted to watch this great video demonstration that shows Message Magic in action, you’ll see how simple it really is to use and how effective it can be for your marketng.

Great video eh?

Message Magic Offers a 7 day trial

There is a free 7 day trial with an offer to remain free (limited use) or you can upgrade to take advantage of Message Magic’s Features.   As a free trial member, you will be limited to maximum 100 results on your searches.   If you are on a limited budget, you can still use this system to build your contact list with targeted prospects.

Now … before you go on and get all excited about adding new contacts, I need to pass on a strong word of caution to everyone.

Message Magic is NOT, and I repeat NOT, a license to spam. There are right ways and wrong ways to market yourself or your business.  Message Magic has explicit instructions on how not to spam.

Remember, the purpose of you making contacts is to build your list, right?   Spamming is the quickest way to destroy everything you’ve been working so hard to accomplish.  If you don’t know what spam is … STOP EVERYTHING and contact me so we can discuss what is and is not spam.

Follow the steps in the instructions and you will do fine 🙂

I recommend that you check out Message Magic and see for yourself if it’s a tool that you should have in your arsenal.  Free is always good and I recommend the upgrade if you want to use it to it’s fullest potential.

Sign up and upgrade here:

One more important item is that you can also earn a commissions from Message Magic with their highly lucrative compensation plan.  Focus on building your list and using the tool, then you can learn to pass on the info to people YOU meet.

Add ME to Skype and let’s talk about using Message Magic to build YOUR list to a new level.

Janet Legere
Internet Training Expert

20 Replies to “Message Magic Enhances Skype”

  1. Janet…as per the usual you have knocked it out of the park with this one. This along with the launch of GVOC is going to be a powerful tool…..

    Thank you for what you and Don bring to the table with your knowledge and love for helping people grow and succeed.

    To YOUR Success
    Ned & Cheryl

  2. Janet ! Thank you for Pointing out This valuable resource tool we can use to build our pre launch teams.. As Usual You ore on top of your game.. Wonderful point you make in your video. I have message magic already but haven dove into it.. Looks Like I will need to. Thank so much. You are a Natural Leader.

    Jay Dallmann
    JDI Marketing

  3. Yes it’s a great tool, I’ve joined since a few weeks.
    English is not my first language, and some times I have problem to find the good words,
    especially when I have to reply or explain.
    Just a question, if you know: can you translate this “l’arbre qui cache la foret”

    You are making great work

  4. Just an awesome tool. I have been wanting to somehow increase my SKYPE list. It seems easier than Chasing after twitter people.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Message Magic is an Awesome Add-on Tool for Skype! What I Love about Skype is… It’s a perfect way to improve your relationships globally. I have personally been able to gain thousands of new friends and business partners using Skype and Message Magic.

    Jason Dandridge
    The Skype Dude!

  6. Janet I agree, message magic is a great tool that helps build real contacts. I almost want to keep it a secret but it’s plenty to go around.
    I Love it!

  7. If your going to use skype to build your online business message magic is a must have tool. It allows you to send out a single message to an entire group PM box by PM box.

  8. Hi Janet,

    Message Magic is the perfect tool to help you build global relationships. So glad we found out about this great program! The auto translate feature is awesome!

    Deb Lane,
    Marketer’s Edge

  9. Wow Janet,
    That is exciting information.
    Grow your business world wide!
    Relationship marketing is great.
    This tool will really help to that end.

  10. Hey.. Janet,Thank You!..your post was really great and i downloaded Message Magic a few years back, but i actually never put it to work.But as soon as i join GVO i will use whatever will grow and help the Business.

  11. Hi Janet,
    This is very useful information and great advice as usual, especially the caution to refrain from using this tool as a device to spam.
    Sure we want to brand ourselves here on the WWW, but we want positive branding only.
    Message Magic seems like a real cutting edge addition to our online marketing toolbox.
    Thanks for all you do!

    Yvonne Finn

  12. This tool has already become a spamming tool, in fact it’s why I found this blog post. I now remove anyone caught using it from the marketing channel for skype users. See url for further info.


  13. Appreciate your comments, Rodger. The fact of the matter is that if you use it right, you are not spamming. Just like email marketing, people need to be taught how to use programs responsibly. That’s what I do … teach responsible marketing 🙂

  14. This program has already been tainted by spammers and is the main highlight on it’s sales page. Contact hundreds or thousands of new people on skype in just a few clicks. So I took it upon myself to permanently ban people using it. No hard feelings and I am not here to rain on anyone’s parade. But like many great services made out there, this one has already been abused in a nasty way. Best of luck to all!

  15. Again, it’s all about using it properly. Ban people who spam you, sure. Why do you class ALL users in one category? Is that really fair? There are honest marketers out there who do take the time to learn to use programs properly and there will always be people who will abuse systems.

    My focus is working to teach people responsible marketing … education is key 😉

    Appreciate your input. Opinions are what make this world we live in such a great place. Thanks Rodger.

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