Mastering the Process

Mastering the Process

I am confident to say that I feel that every single successful Network Marketer out there will agree with me that when you master the skills to develop a list of prospects and master the art of following up, you can make money in just about any program and with just about any product.

Wow, that was a long sentence and a powerful thought.

And it is very true.

You need to master the process

The process is the same whether you are selling widgets, marketing affiliate programs or building a network marketing company, the process is the same. Five simple steps to master.

1. Build your list … this is number one and most important in this entire process and there are a million and one ways to build your list. At EarthFriendlyBiz we show you exactly how to build your list and master the art of Follow-up. Anyone can master this art with our system and our training.

2. Invite your new prospects to look at your widget, affiliate program or network marketing company. We call this Social Marketing™ and it’s an art you need to master.

3. Present your widget, affiliate program or network marketing company to those who say yes to your invitation. Again, this is all part of Social Marketing™. Yes, you need to master this art 😉

4. Sponsor new members, generate a sale … this is the money making part of the process. You really need to master this art as well.

5. Teach those who want to build, this creates duplication and we call this leveraging. When you teach others to follow your process, you will see amazing growth in your business. Our system at helps you master this art. We teach your new business builders how to Master the art of prospecting and list building.

Online or offline this process is the same. Widgets, Affiliates or Network Marketing … the process is the same.

When you can master this process, you open all the doors of possibility. By mastering the process, you are teaching others to do the same.

I invite you to see how simple we make it at EarthFriendlyBiz. I truly believe that anyone can master the art of Social Marketing™ and when you master the simple steps we teach, you can easily master all the other critical activities designed to help you grow your business and make money.

Start here:

Here’s a little something from one of our satisfied EarthFriendlyBiz members :

Hello to All,

Have been searching the Internet for a program that is easy for my downline to duplicate. Never found one that was suitable until I found EarthFriendlyBiz.

Thanks Janet, for this step by step system. I really appreciate the way those steps are laid out in this forum. It is a matter of just doing them one at a time.

Keep up the good work.

Wayne Ellis (Builder99)

Don and I look forward to helping you and your group master the art of Social Marketing™ online.


Janet Legere
List Building Expert

7 Replies to “Mastering the Process”

  1. Hi Janet,
    While your 5 steps process appears to be simple to follow, but I’m more worried about the investment in tools in order to master it.
    Regards,Benson Law.

  2. Hi Janet,
    I respect what you and Don are doing for all with great regard for your blog and list building projects.This is a lovely blog you got and i like the way you outlined the net business principles and activites. As for me i am now working on my site for the future.You can rest assure i will not complete my total business project without you. We are coming a longway
    and i respect your decission and endurance with me thanks.

  3. HI Benson,

    I’ll be honest, there can be costs involved … either time or money 😉 Most of the resources we use and discuss are free to join, while they offer upgrades, you can start free.

    The key is learning how to master the process – once you learn to build a list and master the art of followup, you can build any business.

    I hope that helps and appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    Happy marketing!

    Janet Legere
    List Building Expert

  4. I don’t know anything about but you are absolutely right, every struggling internet marketers wannabe needs a good starting point and that is training.

    If every newbies only knew what they are up against before getting involved in these online marketing stuff, I think they will think twice. Actually I wish some of them would quit which would make it easier to weed out the lazy ones and hunt down those hard to find prospects who really wants to succeed no matter what.

    I will diffinitely check out your training program. Thank you for sending me that email.


    P.S. I’ve always wanted to get a beautifully designed blog like this but always into a brick wall. For pete’s sake! how the hell can I get me one of these?

  5. Welcome Neville and thank you for your comments.

    If you follow our process and master the skills, you can master make money too 😉

    I look forward to seeing your new website.

    Have a great day,

    Janet Legere

  6. Hi Paul,

    Welcome and thank you for posting your comments.

    One of the great aspects of our EarthFriendlyBiz system is that it is easy to weed out the sitters from the doers.

    As for designing a blog like this, I encourage you to become part of our EFB training program where I’ll show you how 😉

    I recommend getting started with blogging at It’s a free service and they have some great templates. You can check out one of my many blogspot blogs at

    The template I am using here is part of the WordPress system, another blogging program.

    I hope that helps, and thanks again for your feedback.

    Janet Legere
    List Building Expert
    Earth Friendly Biz Admin

  7. Hi Janet,

    Thank you for the mail, I just signed in for the information over earthfriendly, I go to study it.
    I like your blog and all your articles. There is a lot of information available
    and I am trying some.
    But simple and clear programs are the most interesting ( for me at least)

    So, I think I can use some of your information and programs.

    Thank you

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