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Janet Legere on Looking Younger

Everywhere where we go it seems people are asking Don and I … “what’s your secret?Β  How do you two stay so young looking?”

Over the last 20 months, Don and I have been taking Vivix every day … since it came on the market at Convention on 08/08/08 – great date, easy to remember πŸ™‚

People who know us are always staring … we can see them out of the corner of our eyes … it is very evident that we have changed over the last 20 months.

Not only are we looking younger we …

  • Have more energy
  • Have more stamina … can bike further and walk further and do more without feeling tired or getting sore muscles
  • Sleep better and have more vivid dreams
  • Think more clearly
  • Feel an overall sense of good health … hard to explain that one, you just have to experience it πŸ™‚

To read my journal on our experience with Vivix CLICK HERE

Wouldn’t you love to experience these health benefits?

Don and I are actively looking for partners who want to share in the health and wealth benefits of Vivix.Β  If you want more information on how Vivix can transform your life and your business, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

You will need to confirm your email address before any information will be sent.Β  Please look for the confirmation email after you Submit.

All information is required.Β  Vivix is available in Canada and the USA.

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32 Replies to “Looking Younger”

  1. Mmmm Like the good to the last drop.

    I think videos are a great tool to connect as real people not just marketers.
    You have a very inviting style…which is one reason why you have the success that you do.

    Kevin Michaud

  2. Just started taking Vivix myself and like you, I completely lick every single drop off that spoon! πŸ™‚ Anxious to see the results you and Don have obviously experienced. I’ll keep you posted!

  3. Janet,
    I love this video, and I agree about Vivix.
    I have been taking it now for 1 month, I don’t know if it can help this soon or not, but I feel great. More energetic and my aches and pains are not as severe as they were! I’m not dreaming as much…because I’m not as tired as I used to be! LOL And it tastes great too!

  4. Definitely increased mental focus and a general sense of well being. It usually takes me at least a month to really see the effects of a new product, so I still have a couple of weeks to go. πŸ™‚

  5. Fantastic WOW talk about the “V” factor Don and Yourself definitely have it.What a passion for a product and a way of Life.
    Vitality you and Don totally exude that.
    Janet and Don very Vivacious.
    You my friends are full of Vim and Vigor.
    And what do we attribute this to, a wonderful product by the name of Vivix.

    Now that is what I call the “V” Factor.


  6. Well, Janet I have to say anybody that looks at you should know to try that product, and NOW! You look fantastic and I can attest to the fact that you have more energy and stamina than a lot of people I know. Don will have to fill us in on the sleeping better and vivid dreams LOL.. Thanks again for the great advice and great product…

  7. That would make a great commercial.
    Oh it just did lol.
    Well done Janet an excellent company Shaklee.
    You will have great success with it.

  8. Ralph Waldo Emerson quoted:As we grow old…the beauty steals inward.You look Young & vibrant! Your energy & beauty flows both ways! Ralph Waldo Emerson would agree if Shaklee were around back then πŸ™‚ Love the video!

  9. Hey Todd,

    There is nothing I like talking about more than Vivix … seriously πŸ˜‰

    Let’s get together soon and make it happen for you too.


  10. Hi Janet,

    Love your site here, nice clean cut Theme. What is Vivix by the way? ISabell and I have a diet that consists of allot of fish, vegies and fruits.

  11. Hi Lawrence,

    Vivix is a propriety blend of ingredients including Resveratrol in its most potent form. Vivix is many things and you can learn more about it by filling in the form on our site.

    A healthy diet is complimented with a teaspoon of Vivix every day. You would be amazed at your increased energy.

    You can learn more about Vivix and even buy a bottle to try (it’s 100% guaranteed) on our Shaklee website CLICK HERE

  12. Different video seeing you in the kitchen. Your elixer looks like a yummy product, and it seems like it’s keeping you young and vivacious.

    Go Janet Go… Vrooom Vroom Vroom

    Thanks for sharing.
    The Blakester
    Robert Blakely

  13. Great Video Janet, made me smile. The Company and its products are all in keeping with a certain mind-set, or world-view…and keeping young in body and mind they will help you achieve. Thanks…

  14. Hi Janet, very nice blog. I appreciate how you have such a firm grip on your health. Our health is very important and maybe I will windup trying some of that vivix eventually. I’ve been trying figs lately as they are great for the memory. Thanks for all your fine work. Keep it up.

  15. Hi Janet,
    You really do look younger each time I see your videos! It is a blessing to be savored to have such great a health and you exude this blessing.
    May you continue to take care of you and you will be around much longer to take care of others as well. Have a blessed day!

  16. Hey Janet,
    I told you I’d update you… I noticed this morning, when I was going up and down the stairs (17 of them) to my office, I did NOT hear that squishy, creaky sound in my knees! That is certainly a good sign πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Janet, Coach Rony here. May you continue to take care of you and you will be around much longer to take care of others as well. Have a blessed day! Thanks
    Coach Rony

  18. Hi Brian,

    I’m sorry to say that Vivix is only available in Canada and the USA at this time. We look forward to Shaklee opening up in Aus and will keep you posted on when that will happen.

  19. a Great sign indeed and one I expected to hear so glad to see Vivix is living up to its reputation πŸ™‚ More to come! Thanks for sharing Deb, and to think you have only been taking Vivix for a couple weeks … imagine what may happen eh?

  20. I recorded the video with my webcam and used Windows Movie Maker to add text. It’s so simple to use.

    Thanks for the great feedback πŸ˜‰

  21. Hi Janet:
    It’s great to see you promoting Shaklee!
    I’ve been with Shaklee for years now & they “DO” have the best products I’ve ever found, & yes I also use Vivix.

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