List Building on AdlandPro

List Building on AdlandPro

It’s one subject we all agree on … one item we all agree is required to succeed in business – online or offline, you need a list!

There are as many ways to build a list as there are people to add to those lists.  It matters not how you build it matters only that you do build a list.

In this post, I’m going to share a simple tactic you can use on AdlandPro to grow your list of “friends”.   AdlandPro makes it easy to invite other members to join your AdlandPro friends list.  It’s one of the things I like best about the AdlandPro Social Network.

Unlike Social Networks such as FaceBook and MySpace, the AdlandPro membership base of over 87,000 members are all involved in business in some shape or form or they are looking to get involved.

With the right approach, you could reel in that big fish with their own big list!

Today, our focus is using a simple method to invite all the new people who join AdlandPro.  I learned this technique from a fellow AdlandPro Person of the Week, who had a list of 14,000+ members.  When I wrote to congratulate him on his POW nomination, I asked how he acquired such a large list.  His answer is what I`m sharing with you below and it may surprise you how simple it is.

Step One – Get an AdlandPro membership

Membership in AdlandPro is free, however, it’s one of the few membership sites that I highly recommend you upgrade with.  Setup for free initially and get familiar with the program.  You will soon see why upgrading makes sense.

For this exercise, your free membership will work just fine.

Click here to Register for your AdlandPro account

Once registered, login to your new AdldandPro account.

If you are already a member, login to your AdlandPro account here

Step 2 – Finding new members

Once logged in to AdlandPro, click on the Networking tab at the top of the page.  At the top of the page, you will see statistics about how many AdlandPro members are online at that time.

Example:  There are currently 389 out of 87,258 members online | 4,232 visits today.       [All…] | [Reports…]

You are going to click on the Red link to [Reports…]

From here, you will be presented with a list of reports to choose from.

Choose New Members

When you click this link, it lists all the new members who recently joined AdlandPro starting with the newest.

The list will show their AdlandPro name along with the date they joined AdlandPro.  Click on the link by their name.

This takes you to their personal page.  From their page, click the tab ‘Invite Me to be Friends‘.

You will then be presented with a page to enter your invitation.  Here is the script I recommend and use:

Hello NAME,

I noticed that you are new to AdlandPro and wanted to be one of the first to welcome you and invite you to add me to your friends list on AdlandPro.

Let’s connect soon.


Janet Legere


  • Change NAME for your new contacts name which is displayed on their profile.
  • Change Janet Legere and my phone number for your personal contact information.

Spend 30 to 60 minutes inviting new AdlandPro members to your friends list and you will be surprised at how quickly your list of friends can grow.

When choosing to add friends, I tend to look for individuals who are in Canada and the USA as this is where my target market is right now.  Although my list building techniques are global, my focus for my primary business is more local and AldandPro makes that a simple task with their targeting features.

You should be able to add 25 to 50 new friends a day with this method.  Please come back and share your results.

Now remember, adding new friends is only step one in the list building process.  Your goal now is to learn about your new contacts as they agree to be added to your list and send them a private message to welcome them.

Your job now is to build those relationships and find those people who you feel are the right people to partner with you in your business.

We`ll talk more about following up another time, in the meantime … keep building, keep connecting, keep presenting.  Your business will grow as your list grows.

Happy marketing!

Janet Legere
List Building Expert

Learn all my secrets at:

2 Replies to “List Building on AdlandPro”

  1. Hi Janet very good tip for Adlandpro I do a simular folllow up.

    Hey Janet id 24 in Listsurfing guess who is right behind you in comp id 38 thats me I was few days late starting comp so you had the march on me.


  2. AdLandPro is for sure chock-a-block full of features. It was one of the first online advert resources I came across when initially entering the online marketing and money making fray, and it took me a while to get it somewhat sussed, but once I realized its worth, it became one of my favorite places to promote my brouhaha.

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