Janet And Don Invite You

Janet And Don Invite You

A Personal Invitation from Janet & Don Legere

Ready to come on board? Are you ready to make money with the RIGHT team to help you learn how?

Sisel is the right company.  Consider these facts:

  • Billionaire Owned and Operated Network Marketing Company
  • Already in over 17 countries
  • A Secret in North America
  • Poised to be the most successful Network Marketing Company
  • Company is 2.5 years old and doing over 100 million a year
  • Owner has 40 years of product manufacturing experience
  • Owner has 18 years of Success in the Network Marketing Arena already
  • 400,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • Manufacturing Plant makes products for Costco, Wallmart, Sams Club, etc
  • Manufacturing Plant makes products for 40 existing Network Marketing Companies
  • Internet Marketers and Network Marketers Joining Forces Like Never Before
  • Online and Offline Support by some of the best in the industry
  • Webinars and Conference Calls with the Owner himself
  • Compensation Plan like nothing ever seen before

Timing couldn’t be better.

Listen to Tom Mower and learn about Eternity … Click Play to watch the short movie

Contact us and tell us you are ready to get started NOW.  Take action right now and phone email or SKYPE us.

Skype us: janetlegere or don.legere
Email us: info@decisionpak.com
Phone us: 403-274-2930

Tell us you are ready to get started on our Sisel Team Today!

2 Replies to “Janet And Don Invite You”

  1. Hugh and I are so proud to be part of your team already! Sisel International is a superb opportunity! Janet and Don said it; The Timing is perfect… Get on board now and hang tight…It’s going to be quite a ride to the TOP!…with Janet and Don leading the way…

    Hugh and Nathalie

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