Is There Passion In Your Business Are you passionate…

Is There Passion In Your Business Are you passionate…

Is There Passion In Your Business

Are you passionate about your business and about the products and services that you offer?

I have three passions for business … I am passionate about a business that provides me with a Fit Body (NLS) to live a Long, healthy (A.G.E. Pill) and Pain Free (CBD) Life.

My three passions all fit together with Now Lifestyle being the entry point. After all, it all starts with a nice looking, fit, strong body that you don’t have to work hard at … just 7 minutes a day, three times a week and watch the magic happen. For real!

Having a fit, strong body is important as I plan to live a very long life thanks to the products provided by Tom Mower and Sisel International. Specifically, the A.G.E. pill which is creating dramatic changes.

Even with all this healthy activity, we all still suffer from some pain or other challenges that CBD oil can help. Even if you have nothing wrong, adding this amazing product can change your life. My husband, Don is experiencing incredible relief from the pain of osteoarthritis (Football is a cruel sport to the body!)

Three things …

A Fit Body
A Young Body
A Pain Free Body

What are your passions for business?

I like to round all this off with my number one passion which is sharing the tools and resources that help you grow ANY business.

At The Contact List Builder, we offer tools, resources and training to help you build a list of prospects for any business. Duplication becomes simple when you have a system in place!

Check us out today at

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Janet Legere is the founder of the highly acclaimed ‘Contact List Builder’ training and mentoring program. As an expert in her field, Janet can show you and your business associates how simple and powerful it can be to build good business relations online. Discover simple strategies to build a list and create your personal brand with CLB. Visit or contact Janet at janetlegere on Skype for information on how you can benefit too

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