Is It Network Marketing or Internet Marketing or InterNetwork Marketing

Network Marketing in an Internet Marketing World

Where do you see yourself?

Traditional MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales

Are you a traditional Network Marketer (the belly to belly marketing kind)  who has decided to venture online in search of a global market for new clientele for your Network Marketing, Direct Sales or MLM Business?  Is your goal to connect with people in a Global Market?  If your MLM is available in multiple countries then the Internet is a great place to find a Global market.

Your focus will be finding people in the countries where your business is available and using the Internet to share vital information and build solid partnerships.  Your ‘belly to belly’ skills will be invaluable here on the Internet as you connect with a much broader market.

With Video technology and blogging becoming more simplified, it’s easier and easier to get belly to belly online.  Your prospects can easily get to know, like and trust you through the use of Video marketing and live Video web conferencing technology (Webinars).

Social Networks, both free and paid are one of the best places to connect with your Global Market.

Internet Marketer

What is an Internet Marketer?  Well, as I see it, an Internet Marketer is someone who’s focus is affiliate programs.  Marketers who earn their income by promoting other tools and resources such as Traffic Exchanges,  Credit Based Lists, Safe Lists, Funded Sponsoring Systems.

All these programs offer the ability to build a downline of other members and most of these programs also offer you the ability to build your own list.  As an Internet Marketer, your focus is building your list and learning to make contact with the people who are following you into the affiliate programs you are promoting.

Much like Network Marketers, the Internet Marketer’s success relies on the relationships they build with the downline they create.  For the Internet Marketer, that relationship is built through email, Skype and other messaging programs and even the telephone.

The Internet Marketer does not usually partake in traditional MLM programs where a product is sold such a with a Health and Wellness company, etc.  These Companies are usually more traditionally geared to the “belly to belly” market.

Which brings us to the next category, InterNetwork Marketers.

InterNetWork Marketers

InterNetwork Marketers is a term that is becoming more and more common online as more and more Network Marketers are learning the skills of Internet Marketing and adapting their belly to belly skills to the Internet Market and reversely, more and more Internet Marketers are learning the true benefits of building a traditional Network Marketing company where consumable products are sold.

Internet Marketers who use their skills to build a Network Marketing business can capitalize on all the technologies and attract a wide range of prospects.  The InterNetwork Marketer tends to rely on Funded systems where prospects are funneled through a program and introduced to your Primary network marketing company.   Adding your Network Marketing Skills to a Funded system guarantees you a steady stream of solid prospects for your MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Sales Company.

The best way to make the most money is to become a highly effective InterNetwork Marketer!

The Contact List Builder

Internet Marketing Training Program

At the Contact List Builder, our focus is teaching the avid InterNetwork Marketer who wants to master the art of combing Internet Marketing and Network Marketing.  At CLB, we’ll help you improve your skills and master the art of building your list and creating those lasting relationships in a Global marketplace.

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5 Replies to “Is It Network Marketing or Internet Marketing or InterNetwork Marketing”

  1. Wow great post. The explanation of how all this can work together when you are wanting to build your business online. Understanding the part about InterNetwork Marketing is the new way of doing things by showing people how they can earn money without someone joining their business. Sometimes people might be looking for ways to grow their business and they might already have an opportunity might just be looking for something to enhance their opportunity. Thanks again Madgie

  2. You hit the nail on the head, Madgie! Great summary 😉 It excites me when someone has an “aha” moment and I’ve helped in some way. Thanks for your leadership and commitment.


  3. I am SO excited about CLB, Steve. I remember sitting at my desk with paper and pencil in hand and writing the first CLB Ebook … that was in 2003. I’ll have to revive it for old time’s sake and see how little things have really changed since then. Appreciate your leadership and friendship, Steve and it will be fun having you part of our NEW CLB program.


  4. Internetwork marketing 100%!!! We all have our inner network that we choose to work with and I suppose that inter network marketing may fit as well? At any rate, this is a great post and Contact List Builder is a great program!

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