Writing Auto-Responder Letters

Writing Auto-Responder Letters

Janet Legere Talks About Auto-Responder Letters

Auto-Responders are the point where most people are either totally lost or they are stuck because they have no idea who to write a series of emails for their auto-responder.

Today I want to talk to you about a few ideas that can help you write those letters very easily.

1.  Ask your subscriber a few questions


Hello Name,

Janet Legere here with a few questions
that may help us connect better.

Do you have a home based business or
do you belong to a Network Marketing

Are you looking to build that company

I’d like to connect and chat about how
to use the Internet to attract prospects
for your business.

When would be a good time to connect?

Please add me to Skype, it’s a great way
to connect and is convenient for both
of us.  My Skype ID is janetlegere.

I look forward to chatting soon.

Have a great day,

Janet Legere

Do you see how simple that is?  You can easily edit this email and adapt it with a variety of questions.

2.  Share Your Experience

The second item to discuss in your auto-responder is your own experience and how you can help your subscriber to have a similar experience.  Perhaps you represent a Network Marketing company that offers a health product and you are noticing better health results.  You may have a series of emails around the products you use every day.


Hello Name,

Janet Legere here.

I noticed lately that I have had a
lot more energy and that my skin
tone has changed.

I attribute it to XYX product that
I started taking a few months ago.

It’s really made a difference for me
and I was wondering if you had an
interest in such a product.

If you do, either reply to this email,
phone me or add me to Skype.  My
Skype id is janetlegere.

I look forward to connecting and
chatting soon.

Have a great day,

Janet Legere

If you want more info on XYZ
product, you can watch this
informative video here:

I hope you are starting to see how simple this really can be.

3.  Share Generic Resources

If you are using tools and resources that work for you then you owe it to your subscribers to share these tools with them.  I take the time to test new resources before sharing them with my lists.  Once I know that a resource works, then I will share that advertising resource with my subscribers and I will show them how to use it to advertise their websites.


Hello Name,

Janet Legere here with news about
a new resource that you can use to
build your list and advertise your

It’s called TrafficLeads2Income and
was developed by one of my long
time online associates, Rob Gerhing.

What I love about TrafficLeads2Income
is that I can build my list with my own
GVO e-Responder, or you can use one
of 4 others.

Rob has really made this program
flexible and powerful.

The one time upgrade is well worth
the cost when you see what is

Rob offers weekly training calls and
works closely with all his members.

I encourage you to come give Traffic
Leads 2 Income a try because the fact
is.. Traffic does lead to income!


Let me know if you have questions,
add me to Skype and let’s chat.  My
Skype id is janetlegere.

Have a great day,

Janet Legere

I hope this has helped you to get a good start on writing a few emails for your auto-responder.  I encourage you to be yourself, be honest … don’t hype your prospect about anything, it is never worth it … keep to the truth and you will build a loyal following of repeat buyers.

Happy marketing!

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  1. Hello Janet

    Great post and yes allot of people scared about using an autoresponder. I was to until you showed me ways I can connect with my subscribers. Great tips Janet thank you

    Thank you

    Donna Gain

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