How to Setup Safe-Swaps Solo Ads as a Guest User

How to Setup Safe-Swaps Solo Ads as a Guest User

Simple Steps Show You How to Setup Safe-Swaps Solo Ads as a  Free GUEST User

In this post, you will learn all about what Safe Swaps is and how YOU can use it as a GUEST.  We show you simple steps on how to setup Safe-Swaps as a guest and purchase a Solo Ad.  You do not need to have your own list to use this service.  This service will help you build your list fast.

I include a live example to promote your Contact List Builder Lead Capture Page.  You can copy my example or promote your own Lead Capture page.  Make sure you use the service to build your list!

What is Safe-Swaps

Safe-Swaps is a Paid Member resource where you can request ad swaps if you have an existing list and if you have no list yet, you can purchase solo ads from reliable solo vendors for a reasonable cost.

Paid Membership at Safe-Swaps is $29.99 a month OR you can join as a GUEST and setup to use the Solo ad system.

When you purchase an ad or exchange a ‘swap’, your email ad is going out to that member’s PERSONAL CONTACT LIST.  This differs a great deal from purchasing solo ads from Safelists and Credit based programs where you ad goes out to members of a Safelist, not personal contacts.

REMINDER:  You’ll need to budget to purchase a solo ad.   Budget to buy a minimum 100 clicks (you can purchase two solos of 50 clicks each or one solo of 100 clicks, it’s up to you), you’ll need $30 to $50 to purchase 100 clicks for reliable vendors.

If you wish to book a solo with me, I only run solos once a week and you can see my booking calendar on Safe-Swaps here

What can you expect?

You will see  a much higher conversion with Safe Swaps Solo Ads, in fact you can expect 30 to 75% conversions.  This means, for every 100 clicks you purchase, you can expect 30 to 75 subscribers into your auto-responder AND even better, we are seeing 30 to 70% conversions from subscriber to member using the CLB Lead Capture system.

This means that for every 10 subscribers in your auto-responder (confirmed or pending), you can expect to see 3 to 7 members who join CLB!  So whether or not they confirm their subscription to your email list, they are signing up into CLB where we help them follow the same steps you are following here!

Safe-Swaps Solo Ads is one of the most cost effective ways to build your list fast!

How can you use Safe Swaps as a guest

  • Signup as a guest
  • Setup your profile
  • Setup your Swipe copy
  • Search vendors
  • Purchase Solo
  • Check Results
  • Celebrate

Signup as a guest

You can signup for Safe-Swaps as a guest member by clicking the banner below



Enter your details to join Safe-Swaps


Login to Safe-Swaps to begin to Setup to advertise your Solo Ad – CLICK HERE to LOGIN

To setup your Safe-Swaps system, you will click the Settings Icon up at the top Right of the page.  It is difficult to see and looks like a Gear or Cog or Wheel.  You’ll see it indicated in the graphic below.  You need to mouse over this icon and click on it to open the Settings page.  When you mouse over, it gives you highlights of your account.  You need to click the icon to access the Settings page.


The settings area will look something like this:


The two areas we will focus on are About me and My Swipes

About me is where you will setup your Profile and My Swipes is where you will setup your Ad Copy for CLB.

You will also find your affiliates links and your ID for Safe-Swaps.  Remember to add your Safe-Swaps ID to the Prospect Geyser Coop Downline Builder 🙂

Setup your profile

Ok, setting up your profile is easy!  All you need to do is add your photo, select your niche and a few words about you and what you do online.



Remember to click SAVE to save your changes!

Setup your Swipe copy

Now it’s time to setup your Ad for Contact List Builder.  You do this from the My Swipes section.  As a GUEST member, you are only allowed to have one ad swipe setup.  As a fully paid member, you can have multiple ad copy setup.

Click on My Swipes

Click on Ad New


Here is the Ad copy for you to edit and use for this exercise.

SUBJECT:  My friend [YOUR NAME] has a surprise for you


Hi {recipient},

I have a surprise for you today.

My good friend and fellow Safe-Swaps
member, [YOUR NAME] has some free
list building strategies that work!

Her CLB mentor, Janet Legere has been
teaching list building strategies for
over 14 years and now she is giving
them to you for free!

Everything you need is right here:

Thanks for looking, have a great day,


Your CLB Lead Capture page is the TL2I page we created in the section on Creating Your Lead Capture page and it looks like this:  Replace XXXX with YOUR Traffic Leads 2 Income Affiliate ID number.  You can locate your links in the TL2I members area under Affiliate Tools.


I like to use Notepad to paste my ad copy then edit.

NOTE: You need to Hyperlink your URL within the ad body. To Hyperlink, highlight your URL and click the Chain Link icon and paste your URL in the box as indicated and click Insert.


Search vendors

Now that your ad is setup, you are ready to search for Solo Ad Vendors.  Your goal is to find a solo ad Vendor with a high Reliability – someone who has sent many Solo Ads and has all good reviews.  To Search Solo Ad Vendors, Click on Search, then click on Solo Ads, then select the criteria you wish to search for such as cost per click, maximum clicks/minimum clicks offered, etc.


Once you select your criteria, the system will list vendors who meet your criteria.  You can then check the profiles of individual vendors and choose one from whom you will purchase your ad



Purchase Solo

Once you choose a vendor, you are ready to enter you information such as how many clicks you wish to purchase and how you will pay.  The system allows for you to pay from an internal account that you can “top up” with a credit card or your PayPal.


Check Results

Once you place your ad, the Vendor will have 72 hours to choose to approve or deny your solo ad request.  If a vendor feels their list is not the right list for your Ad they may decide to not accept your ad.   That’s why we recommend you use Vendors who’s lists contain Internet Marketers.

Once your ad is accepted, it will show on your Calendar on the day chosen by the Vendor and you.  You will now be able to check the Statistics and see when the clicks start to be delivered.  You should start to see subscribers begin shortly after your ad begins running.



You can see in the examples above that I purchased 3 separate solo ads and at the time that I took this snapshot, the ad on October 7th was still running with 34 clicks remaining to be delivered.

If you are using the TRCK.ME system (TETOOLBOX), you can track your conversions and watch the subscribers and members roll in.



CONGRAULATATIONS!   Remember to come and Celebrate your results



Janet Legere

Skype janetlegere

PS: Learn the Strategies of Successful Internet Marketers

At Contact List Builder, we show you HOW to use all those great tools to build your list and create your personal brand.

Come join the Team Who Cares!


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