How To Setup a PLR Product Page

How to Setup a Website For a PLR Product

Today, I want to talk to you about setting up a website to sell a Private Label Rights product.  I recently downloaded a product I had access to and set it up with a page to sell the product.  It was very simple to do, however it does require that you set aside dedicated time to complete the steps.

I created a site to sell a product called “How To Create An Ebook Without Writing A Word”.  You can see how I created this website here:

In this exercise, I will show you the steps to

  1. Locate  a PLR Product
  2. Setup a Domain or Folder on Existing Domain
  3. Upload the PLR Product Zip file
  4. Setup your Auto-Responder Campaign
  5. Setup your Paypal Buttons
  6. Edit your PLR Pages
  7. Promote your website

Locate  a PLR Product

There are many places to get PLR products that you can resell.  You can purchase one or locate one for free.

If you use any Viral marketing tools, such as List Joe or Viral URL and you are an upgraded member, you will have access to PLR products in your members area as part of your upgraded membership.

You can also do a Google Search for PLR Products, or Private Label Rights products.  Here you will find many free and paid for products.

My Money Fish is a membership site that allows you access to over 3,000 Private Label Rights products that you can either give away or sell.  The My Money Fish membership is currently $9.95 and will soon be a monthly fee.  Imagine setting up just one product a week, in 52 weeks, you could be receiving income from the sale of 52 different products.   This is your BEST option for a virtually unlimited supply of PLR Products you can sell or give away.

You can get a My Money Fish Membership here

Setup a Domain or Folder on Existing Domain

I recommend the services of GVO for hosting your domains.  At GVO, you can host unlimited domains as well, you have full access to their professional autoresponder.  GVO makes Internet Marketing simple!  You will be able to easily setup any PLR product through your GVO website.

Try the services of GVO today for just $1

You can use any service to host your domain.

You will need a new domain or you can upload your product to a folder on an existing domain.

Upload the PLR Product Zip file

You will need to access your domain to upload your PLR product.  All PLR products come in a .zip file format.  To upload your product you can use FTP, File Transfer Protocol, or you can upload directly from your Cpanel.

If you are a member of GVO, it is very simple.  Access your Cpanel for your domain.  From your Cpanel, select the File Manager option.  From here you can select to create a directory for your Product or upload to the root directory.

Once the .zip file is uploaded to your website, you will select the file and unzip or un-compress the file.  When you do this, it places all the files into your system to use.  You will then see the file with instructions on how to setup our PLR pages.

You will need to edit the pages included with your product.

Setup your Auto-Responder Campaign

Most PLR products also offer your visitor the ability to subscribe to your list for more information if they are not yet ready to purchase your product.

You are going to need to setup a Campaign in your auto-responder for this product.  You want to keep these subscribers separate from other lists that you may be growing at this time.  This list is for people interested in how to Create an Ebook without writing a word.

GVO makes it very easy to setup unlimited campaigns.

Once your campaign is setup, you will then need to create a Form for your new Campaign.  Once the form is created, you will have access to the HTML code to add to your PLR product page.

Setup your Paypal Buttons

Most PLR Products are setup to accept Paypal for payment.  All PLR Products give you the recommended charge for your product.  You can keep this charge or you can set a lower or higher fee.  I recommend using the fee recommended by the PLR product owner.

From inside your PayPal members area, click on the Merchant Services to create a new Paypal button.  You will need to know the URL of the redirect site where your visitor will be redirected once they pay you for the product.  This information will be included in your instructions with your PLR product.

Once your button is created, you will copy the code to add to your PLR sales page.

Edit your PLR Pages

All the PLR Pages will need editing so you can add your personal name and contact information as well as your own Paypal button.

If you are using the GVO cpanel, it is very simple to edit your pages with the HTML Editor.  Simple locate the page you want to edit, right click and choose HTML Editor.

Follow the instructions carefully and make sure to edit the information as directed.

Promote your website

Once you have your site setup, you will need to promote your site to attract visitors.  I recommend you write articles and do blog posts about the product to attract visitors to your website.

You can promote your new website on Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Sokule.  You can also add your new site to your Current Traffic Exchanges and promote your new website to the list builders you may already belong to.

If you do not belong to any online marketing resources, you will find our recommendations under RESOURCES at the top of my site here.

Setting up PLR products will take you some time and can be quite lucrative to your bank account.

I encourage and welcome your comments and questions.

I trust this information will help you create your own PLR product sites like I created at

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