How To Setup A Lead Capture Page

How To Setup A Lead Capture Page

How To Setup a Lead Capture Page

Traffic Leads 2 Income to the rescue!

On my regular Friday webinar at Net Learning Academy, a unique membership site where leaders share their experiences to help you grow and where you have access to a 52 week course on creating income online.

This week, I showed our guests how to use Traffic Leads 2 Income, a program in the downline builder of Net Learning Academy, to build a Lead Capture page attached to your favourite Auto-responder.  The most time you will spend will be setting up your auto-responder.  If you have never set one up before, TL2I provides step by step instructions for some of the top Auto-responders.

It’s as simple as joining Traffic Leads 2 Income and setting up your profile, then following steps 4 through 6 to create your very own, personally branded Lead Capture page that populates YOUR auto-responder.  Build YOUR list first is what TL2I is all about.

Net Learning Academy Webinar Replay

Enjoy the replay of this live webinar at Net Learning Academy where I showed our guests in real time with Desk Top Sharing, how to create the Lead Capture Page at TL2I.  Here is the Page I created on the call

2 Replies to “How To Setup A Lead Capture Page”

  1. Good to learn this info about TrafficLeads2income purpose (list building).

    I can always stand to learn new ways to create a lead capture page; will listen to the webinar you added to this page too.

    Thanks ..

  2. Hi Janet,
    Glad to have run into some of your content.
    I keep getting pulled back to Adchiever, TL2I, and
    some of the TEs I learned about “back when”.
    You were right: ” you cannot quit.” It just doesn’t


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